Someone has put something in Lindstrøm’s water, for this is pretty far out stuff – but then once you’ve listened to ‘Six Cups Of Rebel’ you’ll know it’s something he’s been threatening for a while. Releasing his inner progressive rock character is a risk, but it works here because his use of keyboards, riffs and all round weirdness is an ideal blend. Underpinning a lot of the tracks are squelchy electro bass lines and rolling drums, the sound a good deal harder than your average Lindstrøm track, while up top there are some excellent vocals on tracks such as in ‘De Javu’ and ‘Quiet Place To Live’, which blends in rock in a way that Justice would surely approve. It’s all very entertaining and more than a little bonkers. If this is Lindstrøm’s mad side, we’ll have some more of that please!

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood