A very comfortable marriage, this, between two musicians with considerable pedigree in the shoegaze side of things who have been meeting up for a while, and who have now decided to commit their endeavours to disc. With Schnauss, an established producer in his own right, and Peters, one of the Engineers who are also a highly respected band, a lot of emphasis is placed on the sounds themselves. As with previous outings they take in the customary influences from My Bloody Valentine, 808 State and even The Cure on ‘Forgotten’. The reduced instrumentation of ‘Underrated Silence’ means that as the title implies a lot of the music is quiet, but on headphones it comes across as a beautiful indulgence, with wide open textures that the listener can effectively dive in to. This is very much a case of job done – and fans of both should immediately acquire.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood