The third volume of Soul Jazz’s exemplary series spotlighting early 80s New York post-punk manouvres raises the bar and widens the field. The first installment set the scene with known names like ESG and Konk, the second started to diversify with lesser-known groups like Certain General and Red Telephone. Now Volume 3 turns out the lights and puts on its weird gear, showcasing artists who demonstrated how the new technology could provide a new springboard away from the ever-dominant guitar. Outings like the rotor-blade psycho-scapes of Ike Yard and Dark Day more recall psychedelic synth experiments while Boris Policeband’s two cop-spoof disco ditiedittiespositively unhinged. One of the greatest wigged-out proto-electro tunes of all time is here with Implog’s brain-scrambling ‘Holland Tunnel Dive’ while another side of the East Village underbelly looms courtesy of the unsettling scintscintillation’snatch and Suicide’s Marty Rev. A walk on the dark side which will be one of the most worthwhile Big Apple soundtracks to emerge until they unleash the next one.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Kris Needs