Richard Pinhas began his first album for Bureau B in trying circumstances, looking to find a way to respond to the death of his parents, the break-up of a relationship and a move to France. Pretty much all the big life changing moments are covered but in an album of four tracks that does not dwell on what went before. Instead it gathers itself with steely resolve, building on the guitar and keyboard drones that support it to give impressive, percussive power. The sprawling structures imply a degree of improvisation, but the drumming of Arthur Narcy and a formidable section of synths ensure things are kept in line. The wavering pitch of ‘End’ – the second track – becomes more unsettling the longer it goes on, but the following ‘Nefesh’ is more securely rooted while ‘V2’ has the most imposing sounds from the big, sharp keyboards at the start. A powerful statement.
Ben Hogwood
3 out of 5