Walls - Coracle

Walls ‘Coracle’ (Kompakt)

Walls - CoracleWalls are on to their second album already, and it’s a considerable step up from their first. In the meantime they seem to have taken on influences from the likes of The Orb, to add to their already creative take on Eno and Krautrock. They are far from derivative, however, and add a distinctly English feel to tracks such as ‘ll Tedesco’ and ‘Into Our Midst’, one of the finest opening tracks on an album you could wish to encounter. The dreamy textures and focussed noodling make this a captivating listen as well as a record that you can kick back to – the summery ‘Heat Haze’ being perfect evidence of that. But what elevates this album to a special status is its beautifully cultivated sounds.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood