Apparently, yohimbe is a kind of African viagra. This album definitely gains an ever-rising sonic stiffie as guitarist Vernon Reid and Bronx DJ Logic – founders of the Black Rock Coalition which brought forth Living Colour and Eye and I, respectively – continue their mating and molestationof disparate musical styles. This is their second album as the Tao Of Yo, following up Front End Lifter. Produced by Goodandevil – Christian Castagno and Danny Blume – it follows the Thirsty Ear penchant for chucking different personalities into a high-octane stew – this time with new collaborators Latasha Nevada Diggs, Taylor McFerrin and Ricky Quinn ones bringing their own spicey ingredients. There are politically-relevant messages running through but the sound is what hits as hiphop, hard rock and latin flavours charge about with reckless abandon. Needs a few plays just to get used to the reckless sonic experiments but it’s well worth it. 

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Kris Needs