Yuksek - Living On Edge Time

Yuksek – Living On The Edge Of Time – (Polydor)

Yuksek - Living On Edge TimeWhat do you get if you cross Daft Punk with Electric Light Orchestra? Something quite close to the world of Yuksek, I’d assume – but let’s not write the Frenchman off as a derivative, for he still has plenty of his own talent on show in second album ‘Living On The Edge Of Time’. The pop sensibilities are there for all to hear, but he has a healthy way of adding in unexpected twists and turns – an odd chord progression here, an offbeat chorus there. The album gets better as it goes along, too – the title track is ridiculously catchy, and ‘Miracle’ is off beat but devastatingly effective with its chorus. The Daft Punk influences come through in the chunky ‘Say A Word’ and ‘To See You Smile’, while the synth wig out ‘You Should Talk’ gets the hairs on end too. A pleasure, yes – but nothing to feel guilty about!

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood


Check Out The Album Sampler Here: http://soundcloud.com/yuksek/sets/living-on-the-edge-of-time