Groove Armada practically wrote ‘Superstylin’ in Fabric’s Room 3, so it stands to reason they should enjoy a strong connection with the club. In fact the only surprise about this mix is that it’s taken both parties so long to get round to it! That’s not a criticism though, as Tom Findlay and Andy Cato step up for a warm hearted mix that begins in the safe confines of chunky, modern disco-house, before heading for more obvious party starters. Doc Daneeka’s ‘One For Pidge’ and The Revenge, with their second contribution ‘Incredible Shellsuit’, have an eye cast back to the late 1980s, but then the Hollis P Monroe & Wrong Jeremy mix of The Black 80s’ ‘Move On’ changes direction before Brassfoot’s ‘We Made It Out The Hood Ma’ toughens the beats. By this time the tempo is quite a bit faster, the attention now on the middle of the heaving dance floor. Groove Armada are used to handling this length of set, and it show as once again they get the proportions just right. By the end you’ll be sweating profusely!

4 out of 5
Reviewed by: Ben Hogwood