Berghain 05

Various Artists – Berghain 05 Mixed By Marcel Fengler – (Ostgut Ton)

Berghain 05Each Berghain compilation is eagerly awaited these days, and with good reason – for Ostgut Ton are really on a roll at the moment. This one introduces the talents of Marcel Fengler, who delivers an incredibly well controlled mix that seems to sense perfectly when to apply dancefloor pressure and when to pan out into something rather more expansive. When he opens up the throttle into the razor sharp Ben Sims track ‘Slow Motion’, Vril’s ‘UV’ and his own production ‘Sphinx’ there is a powerful sense of momentum, but then we draw out to deeper house from Reagenz and 20:20 Vision. The mixing is excellent, and it’s clear a lot of time and trouble has been spent on getting this just right, beefing up the lower end with impressive drum tracks to keep the rhythms solid. Proof that house and techno can easily co-exist, this is a lean mix that takes no prisoners and will leave nobody asking for more!

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood