Various Artists
Structures Two Mixed By John Digweed

John Digweed’s first ‘Structures’ compilation was excellent, but now he takes to the mix for two of the three CDs, showcasing a wide range of musical variety and talent. CD1 is slower and more Balearic in its sound, typically spacious and culminating in King Unique’s ‘2000000 Suns’, whose breakdown is like a ritual. CD2 breaks cover with firm beats on Estroe’s ‘Driven’, leading through to the storming Reude Hagelstein track Emergency’, a typical Digweed mix which moves through the gears to finish most impressively. CD3 presents some of these gems in unmixed form, with productions from Digweed & Muir, Oliver Lieb and Jimmy Van M. Excellent value, and more proof that Bedrock have a healthy variety of music, operating between house, trance and breaks, as Digweed and Nick Muir continue to push the label forward.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Ben Hogwood