Transit One
Dispatch Recordings

‘Transit One’ is an intriguing celebration of a decade of Dispatch, a label that has brought up a consistently good combination of different beats and styles. A bit of dubstep here, perhaps, or a bit of drum & bass there, but never a track where it is totally easy to pin down their style. This is what gives tracks like Skeptical’s ‘Process of Elimination’ and Spinline’s outstanding ‘Made Guy’ their essential tension and makes them intriguing, while Survival’s ‘Sky’ gets the disc off to a blissful start in its breaks remix form. Octane’s ‘The Jazz Club’, meanwhile, incorporates elements of live Harlem jazz, its smoky world at once alluring and disorientating. Interesting stuff, and a very solid representation of a decade’s musical exploration.

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Ben Hogwood