Jazzsteppa & Foreign Beggars
Raising The Bar (Wascal, Stray, Nuphlo Remixes)
Studio Rockers

Botchit’s sister dubstep label, Studio Rockers deliver a slice of high energy party breaks-step dub shizzle ahead of Jazzsetppa’s Hyper Nomads album. Jazzsteppa combine cutting-edge digital production with acoustic instruments, fusing hard – line sounds with dixieland, jazz and blues to create a unique brand of dance music. They are widely credited as the first dubstep artists to perform live.  Hip Hop heavyweights Foreign Beggars deliver their unique brand of lightning paced Mcing. Top notch remixes from Wascal, glitch dubstep, FWD Garage (like Lawgiverz), Stray adds the jungle and Nuphlo 2 steppy dub.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Soto