Rob Sparx – ‘Bloodstain EP’ – (Migration Records)

robsparxmigrationBloodbath VIP’ lives up to its name; a brooding gurning bass erupts into ferocious gun fire rat a tat bass, complete with kung Fu FX and horror Movie vocal samples. Scary stuff ! Absolutely loving ‘Can’t Find the Beat’ and you’ve got to check the Video!

The vocals are from an infamous interview with Chase & Status by Tim Westwood where he basically said he didn’t get dubstep and couldn’t dance to it. Despite the novelty element this is actually a hard-hitting dubstep crowd pleaser that will also bring a smile to your face. ‘Bloodstain’ sees more aggro bass lines wrapped up in lush Middle Eastern vocals and the whiff of incense on balmy winds..

4 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO