A new label bought to us by William Breakspear (aka Entity / Slim Blue) & SixAM. The 4 track EP sees breakbeat, dubstep and hip hop all with a focus on choppy beats, heavy bass and a sprinkling of glitch. J.me’J’s ‘Gut Romper’ is a brooding, techno, bass-heavy, glitch-tastic sci fi dubstep stomper. Fredo (Tru Thoughts) delivers some party time wobble on this hip hop jam with delicious 70’s funk samples, expert glitch knob twiddlings, delicious bottom end and smooth vocals from A.S.M. Label heads Breakspear & Slim Blue turn in a heavy bass mid tempo breakbeat number with a very 80’s hip hop feel, whizzing synths, ‘Gangsta’ samples and computer game bleeps. Mix N Blend bring up the rear with raw glitchy hip hop and weepy 8-bit synths. Some really enjoyable moments on the E.P.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: SOTO