Skanky Panky Vol 2
Skanky Panky Records

The second release on this new label bought to us by William Breakspear (veteran breakbeat /DnB producer (Entity / Slim Blue) and SixAM . First up SixAm ‘Fader Murderer’ delivers a mid tempo trip hop glitchy dub ragga bleep fest. Deliciously dirty and mangled with a growler of a bass line. Next up J.Me J’s ‘Come & Get It’ is a B Boy 80’s inspired crunk glitch-hop, dub steppy low ender with truck loads of funk. William Breakspear flexes his breakbeat /D N B/ dubstep/ credentials on the relentless and excellent ‘Million Monkeys’. 100% filth with bass womps and heavy drums. Finally Eddy Crusher’s ‘Starting Blocks’ drops the tempo, lifts the atmospherics and stays true to the labels mantra; heavy choppy beats, tearing bass and futuristic sounds. Also check free blog track William Breakspear vs. The Strangeways – ‘Skanky Panky Tune’; vocal dubwise breakbeat festival vibes, beats and bass. Quality package making their mark on the global glitch scene.                              

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: SOTO