Paris born producer and DJ Franck Roger has long been a staple in the deep house scene for two decades now, and I’m speaking of DEEP HOUSE here, not the term, some kids are using of the same name. Making his mark via his own Real Tone and Home Invasion imprints as well as labels such as Versatile, Desolat, Circus Company, Planet E and Tsuba to name but a few. This time round though it’s Home Invasion, the vinly only imprint that has had some excellent releases in the past.
Title-track ‘Lottus’ opens with Franck’s signature organic drum groove, airy pad swells and modulating synth whirrs before ‘Air’ tips the focus over to bumpy rhythms, arpeggio bell chimes and cinematic leads.
‘Christal’ is up first on the flip side and sees Franck fuse a robust, swinging drum groove with spacey ethereal chords, futuristic synth chimes and processed robotic vocal additions. Alexkid then steps up to round out the package with his take on ‘My Name Is’ employing classic house tropes of tension building strings, stuttering vocal cuts and a snaking sub bass groove alongside a heady shuffled, drum groove. This is serious Deep House music at its very best and a MUST buy record for any vinyl junkie!

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX