It comes naturally, that Crosstown Rebels is a label to watch out for as they normally deliver the goods as they say. Their latest offering from Satori is no exception to the rule, although the Original Version might astonish one or another of you, as it is everything but House Music. A moody underground midtempo groover gets one of the most incredible remix packages of the year as Louie Vega, Riva Starr and Joeski go to work. Master At Work, Louie Vega takes cleverly snaps up the Original elements of the song to add some catchy House Beats which is more of a dancefloor friendly Re-Edit of the Original than a mix of its own. Very nice is the addition of his ‘Nu Bass Instrumental’, a version you easily can fall in love with. Italy’s London resident Riva Starr steps up a gear or two by injecting the song with peaktime beats, a developing Acid bassline and a rather nice, building up break. My personal fave is the version by Joe Flores aka Joeski, who offers a killer bass, some serious percussive elements and superb synth action to create a more underground feel, which fits the track best. Amazing!
4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX