Freiboitar & Djoko are a pair of producers with house in their bones. They have worked together before now on a number of projects and they often do so on this label. For their next trick, Freiboitar goes solo on one jam and then the pair link up for a collaborative effort.

That collaborative effort is by the far the better tune here. Even though the vocal sample is obvious and well used by now, it still sounds great the way it is treated and carefully stitched into the beats. Those beats are big, bouncy, and house to their core. They will get plenty of terraces vibing this summer and the whole tune has love in its bones thanks to the lush piano chords and melodies that help colour it. The other jam is It Was A Beat, a more direct and harder hitting tech house affair with rapped vocals and slinky synths. Overall a top duo of cuts.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming