Guri & Tatsu – ‘Chicago At Night’ – (SILENCE IN METROPOLIS)

The Spain-based duo Guri & Tatsu are no strangers to the underground and it shows in their production on the two original tracks in this next EP on SIM. The title track ‘Chicago @ Night’ is a pad heavy cut with stabby bassline and a vocal hook that has a strong message that is very relevant to the times. Berlin based duo Kyodai (Freerange, LocalTalk, Poker Flat) were tasked with a remix and man did they deliver. Their version is a steady riser that builds before dropping back to a hard hitting groove that would do some damage on the dance floor. This will be circulating the finest clubs across the globe.The second original from Guri & Tatsu appropriately titled ‘French Acid Trip’ has a shuffling groove with a 303 bassline that satisfies the nostalgic nerve while the smooth sexy pads keeping things modern and fresh. This groove is a connoisseur’s dream.Angel Mora tackles ‘French Acid Trip’ giving it a lush deeper vibe. For me this is the definitive version of the package, even though Kyodai is on there too. Essential!

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by: Mannix