Ejeca – Reconcile EP – (Extended Play)

Belfast’s finest House collective contrive to fight against the odds imposed by the recent restrictive club closing times change in the city. And this release, just like their previous, sets the party tone to positive with Ejeca’s combination of throbbing, melodic bass, bouncy good-time stabs and frisky snare rolls proving difficult to resist on ‘Bodychuk’. ‘Prism’ proceeds to get deeper, though feels no less energised with its tense chords and strings, while ‘There 4 U’ imaginatively explores more of that same atmospheric territory impressively. To round off ‘Descend’ supplies a hypnotic sequence of notes and creative vocal edits, which again go to prove the ingenuity of combining old and new musical ideas together with relevance.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton