Lowless is a brand new label that kicks off with a fine first outing from James Le Roux. The talented producer kicks out two jams that will really make the floor move. He is already associated with labels like Igloo and has a UK sound that makes him irresistible, as well as also being a fine DJ who knows how to work the floor.

Opener Apex is a magically melodic track that is full of lithe synths and shooting chords. The drums are deep, driven and rubbery and overall the cut will really make you move. At nine minutes long it is the sort of thing to really subsume your soul. On the flip side is the equally excellent The Sea Organ. Another long track, this one is more downbeat and moody, with a thick synth bass line propping it up. Crisp hi hats and summery chords add some light and colour and overall this makes for a top release.

Reviewed by Ian Fleming