If you’ve headed to one of Cartulis’ parties in the capital then you’ll already know that theirs is a musical agenda that is firmly focused toward discerning colours. For the latest in their story, they lean on the sounds of Polish native but London dweller Kozber, who delivers with aplomb courtesy of the A Night Food EP, an offering that comes backed with remixes by some more familiar names. In original form, the title track is a piece of languid, emotive house music, the likes of which glides along at a celestial pace, occasionally picking up thanks to some pertinent drum work. Warm and stuffy, it’s hard not to fall for its refined mannerisms. Canadian producer Jay Tripwire is a man famed for his remix work, and he reminds us of the fact thanks to his take on the track. Produced in harmony with Particleman, theirs is an effort that thrills thanks to its popping beats, unusual sax samples and its sci-fi tinged excellence. ‘Patagonia’ is another epic jam. Warm and filled with intricate ambience, it’s a lovely accompaniment to Kozber’s other original. Finally, Alexkid sees us out with a nimble remix of the latter that calls on numerous emotions throughout. If it’s house music with heart you’re after, then you’ll be well served here.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Ian Fleming