Mike Dunn Meets Victor Simonelli & Luis Radio – Nothing Stays The Same – Systematic Recordings

Listening to Victor Simonelli’s Lost In The Groove Mix from 1997 with its timely Deep House bassline and words with a message all sounds very much just like classic House music from that decade should, although clearly referencing late eighties Chicago for good measure. However, try Marc Romboy’s Devilish Remix which sees blistering Acid feel even better than I seem to remember it. Despite not being an easy emotion to capture this full on attack on the senses is simply excellent sparking all sorts of memories via its pumping drum machine and heavy duty 303. The new F.E.X Super Dub then strips it all back to pure essentials with moody atmosphere’s and production values all set to stun.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton