Ruede Hagelstein has been a regular on the fine Upon You label since almost day one. Now he is back where he is most at home with a brace of sizzling tech tunes full of invention. They are sure to kick some ass on the floor and get whole clubs bumping thanks to their great sense of timing and invention in the studio.

Picking a favourite here is hard as both are long, smooth, deep tunes that are patient and expertly built to have a big impact on the floor. First up is Fetzo, which is broody and sombre, with a tumble of hand drums, some freaky synths and chunky beats all making you want to move your ass while your head gets lost in the sounds. The comes Leonidas, which is again sprinkled with sci-fi sounds, cosmic melodies and richly detail synths that are spooky and seductive and will take any backroom to a better place. As ever then label and artist come together for some real perfection.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming