Crash helmets! Lenny Dee’s about again and he’s teamed up with the mighty Ant. The results are predictably psychopathically cranium crushing. It’s like the pair have set themselves a goal to come up with the most deranged slice of brain-fried mayhem they can muster. Every trick in the book – including hoover riffs – is dragged kicking and screaming over the amphetamined jackhammer stompwith cataclysmic results. You can just imagine Mr Dee cavorting atop the mixing desk screaming ‘Mental!’ with gleeful relish. By contrast, the flip eases the pressure with female vocal touch and dreamy drop before analogue riffs and breaks lend an early 90s hardcore flavour. Their prong is strong and long, as the techno vikings used to say.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: KRIS NEEDS