1. Quiet Village ‘Drax’ (Whatever We Want)
The ultimate cosmic soundtrack produced by Maxxi & Zeus. Carl Craig meets Vangelis! Can’t wait for the album…

2. Rekid ’85 Space/Retro Active’ (Microsolutions To Megaproblems) ‘Slo-mo/smack’ house music from the name to watch out for in 2006!

3. Lady Saw ‘Sweetest’ (Big Jeans)
Bruising 4×4 dancehall riddim from Ms. Saw!

4. Iken ‘December Spring – Capracara’s Wild Pitch mix’ (CD-R)
Dark, ‘Sound Factory’ style version of Iken’s stunning original. The Strictly Rhythm ’93 revival starts here!

5. Nick Glider Group ‘Escape From North West Five’ (CD-R)
Atmospheric, ‘Carpenter’ pastiche from Mr. ‘Flashback 86’ himself…

6. Iken ‘December Spring’ (Real Soon)
Must include this insanely good single from ex-Ultramarine, Iken. Deep techno bliss for the Daytona beach sunset set!

7. Alexander Robotnik ‘Intro For Live Performance’ (Crme)
Been a fave for a little while now. Inspirational stuff from the man “responsible for house music”. If only everything from ’82 sounded as good as this…

8. Re-Make/Re-Model ‘Bloodtrails Across Broken Glass’ (CD-R)
Goblin meets IsolŽe! Deranged, institutional rantings courtesy of Mr. Wilkins!

9. Mountain Of One ‘EP’ (CD-R)
Roxy Music meets Talk Talk – this is SOOO GOOD! My faves being a killer cover of notorious DJ Harvey spin, Ginny ‘Serious’ and robotic-blue-eyed-soulster, ‘Freefall’. Watch out for limited vinyl coming soon!

10.  Filter Fedde’#1, #2 & #3′ (Bunker)
‘Warehouse’ style house/techno from the Bunker crew. Marcus Mixx/Missing Dog fans check!

“Opal Rush” is released on Soul Jazz records is out now.