John Digweed

1. 16 Bit Lolitas ‘Destiny’     (Unknown)
Solid B-Line house from the Dutch duo.
2. Gutterstylz ‘Dirtbox’     (Bedrock)
Awesome jackin’ house and a big addition to the stable.
3. Pryda ‘Aftermath’     (Pryda)
Amazing looping brilliance and about 17 minutes of it.
4. Mashtronic ‘Beloved’     (Unknown)
It’s been there all Summer and did me proud at Global Gathering.
5.  Daso ‘Daybreak’     (My Best Friend)
Throbbing and hypnotic electro-house.
6.  Cranque ‘Augenzeuge’     (Unknown)
Spacey and atmospheric and builds and builds.
7. John Aquaviva & Madox ‘Bling’     (Mantra Vibes)
Rolling electronica and breaks for an awesome production partnership.
8 . Bedrock ‘ Santiago’     (Bedrock)
The first in a while from Nick Muir and me. A great vocal and doing the business in Ibiza this Summer.
9. Michael Burian ‘Praha’     (Uknown)
Uplifting techno – simple but effective.
10. Oliver Klein ‘Jeton’     (Mutekki)
Amazing four track EP – a stand out of the Summer.
11. Jasper Dahlback ‘Polyhouse’     (Unknown)
Massive paino driven techno.
12. Luke Walker ‘Alias’     (Underwater)
In my box throughout Summer  – full on banger.
13. DJ Phunk ‘Phun & Phunky’     (Unknown)
Does exactly what it says on the tin – a smile raiser!
14. Bono ‘Lets Go’     (Unknown)
Deep and moody vocal and works wonders under anything and everything.
15. Angel Moon ‘Irregular Peace’     (Unknown)

The weird and the wonderful and another big tune at GlobalGathering this year for me.