Mirror System

What’s The Best Night Out You’ve ever Had?
Carl Cox at Glastonbury 1995.

What’s Your Favourite Club?

What’s Your Favourite Record Of All-time?
Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland

What Record Can’t You Stand?
Anything by Chris de Burgh.

What Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?
Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced?

What Was The Last Record You Bought?
Ry Cooder – Chavez Ravine.

Name Three Of Your Biggest Influences…..
Lawrence of Arabia,  Kraftwerk, and of course Jimi Hendrix

Who Would Play You In ‘Mirror System’ The Movie?
George Clooney.

What’s Your Dream?
An Intergalactic Time/Space Civilization powered by love.

How Do You Escape?

What Is Your Favourite Possession?
My grip on reality.

What Is Your Life Philosophy?
Stay with your thing

What’s In Your Pockets?
Some cash and some keys – pretty mundane really

If You Were An Animal, What Animal and Why?
A fish – because swimming like a fish is like flying through hyperspace

You Are Having A Party, Whom Dead Or Alive Is On The Guest List?
Jimi Hendrix, Peter Sellers in his ³Birdy Num Num² character, and Walter Mathau

When Was The Last Time You Embarrassed Yourself?
This morning

Tell Us Something That We Don’t Know About ‘Mirror System’
Sorry I’m not like that

Their debut album MIRROR SYSTEM by Mirror System is out Sept 26th.