Lisa Pin-Up

1) Party Tonight – Lisa Pin-Up – Pin-Up Records.
This is the first track on my brand new label ‘Pin-Up Records’ where every track will be produced by myself with up and coming producers on remix duties. It¹s a totally banging tune but the style has that Lisa Pin-Up cheeky uplifting twist to it.

2) There’s A Void / I’ve Had Enough – Lisa Pin-Up – Nukleuz Records.
Another track by myself which is a double A sider with 2 different styles of hard dance. The A side swaying more towards the funky side of hard house and the flip being one of the hard heads with full on 150bpm madness!

3) Controllin¹ Me / Scramble – Chris Hoff, MDA & Spherical feat. Jennie Rix
– Tidy Trax.
I just think both sides of this track are fabulous. One has a great hard bassline and a hard break down, while the other side is a beautiful trance track with a lovely vocal that always goes down a storm.

4) Tidy 11 The Remixes (The Music Is The Drug) – Lee Haslam – Tidy Trax.
Another one of tidy favourites are brought back to life with a fantastic remix from Nick Sentience, a great track for those more big break down moments.

5) Demons – Simon Eve & Dynamic Intervention – DIP records.
I just love this tune for its atmosphere, a real mood builder, one for the middle of your set when you want to take things into a slightly different direction, a very useful track in my box.

6) Your Way – James & Dangle vs Riggsy & Bazza B – Passion Records.
Been a favourite of mine for a while now, this track has a great combination of styles. A hard hoover riff but the overall feel is still bouncy and uplifting, this being one of the tracks featured on my new mix compilation.

7) The Prophecy – DJ Resh – Jedi Records.
This is the most requested tune I¹ve played over the last few months. Every time I play it people come up to the DJ box to find out more, a great track to finish off the night with.

8) Do You Know Lucifer / Ha Ha Ha – Jimmy vs Graeme S – Passion Records.
Another Hoover fuelled track and I can’t decide which side I love the best.
More towards the dark side of hard house but it’s twisted enough to put a smile on your face.

9) Sick Mother Fukkas – Kam Pain @ Michael James- Nose Bleed.
As the label says, this one is not for the faint hearted but if you like it banging this is a must for your record box.

10) Overdrive / intensity – Spidertrax (Dom) – Spider Trax records.
The first side is defi