Max Graham

1. Deep Dish – Say Hello – Positiva
Since last summer this has been ending sets for me, excellent piano riff
with the lovely Anousheh on vocals. An excellent original follow up to
Flashdance. Everyone, from trance to house, is rockin’ this and it is set to
be another monster for them.

2. Steve Porter – 1990 – unsigned
Massive record for me, Detroit stabs and great old school percussion done in
Steve’s excellent new school style. This one builds in all the right places.

3. Redanka – Waves – RIP records
The only mix I have is the King Unique mix and so far it has been destroying
dancefloors; it was a hit for me in Miami. King Unique is on point with the
bassline techy sound they are onto, if you don’t know it you should.

4. Timo Maas – First Day (Buick mixes) – Hope Recordings
Ok now I’ve been a Nic Fanciulli / Andy Chatterly fan for a long time, but
this is just insane. The vocal and dub are designed to take no prisoners,
this old school 909ish acid square bass monster wasn’t created to make your
parents happy as you blast it from the next room, but clubbers in front of a
good sound system watch its physical and mental onslaught take over.

5. Exhibit a – g minor (soulavengaz mix)- cr2
Once I’d heard the remix they did for Owner I tracked down the rest of
their stuff, this was the standout. Great strings, simple beats and a chunky
bassline arrangment that builds very nicely. A fine future in house music is
all but assured for this crew.

6. d.o.n.s. feat Technotronic  – pump up the jam (Kurd Maverick)  — DATA
Anyone who was in Miami heard this, danced to this and loved this. So simple
and rockin. Coming soon to a soundsystem, dancefloor and car radio near you.

7. Modehookers – Instrumental Track 1 – excess music (France)
Getting info from these guys about their music is like pulling teeth. From
under a rock somewhere comes this jam, standard stringy breakdown leads to a most unexpected analog stab that rocks your sonic socks off.

8. Timo Maas – First Day (Buick Mixes) – Warner
These two (Buick) are reinventing house as we know it, acid is back but with
a new , very well produced twist. This absolutely rocks the dancefloor
mentally and physically and shows why Buick/Skylark are the hottest around.

9.  Max Graham – Does she know yet / Automatic weapon – LMR
Does she know yet is a melancholic melodic bit with some trance touches and
5th stabs in the beakdown, great end of night stuff. Automatic Weapon is a
peak time stormer with a fat ingrosso’esque bassline and a pad that ramps up
a whole octave before the bassline kicks back in, big for the floor!

10. Humate – Breed – terrace
I love this record, the well mixed beats you know from past Humate records
with some new and crazy production tricks and an ominous groove to it.
Sounds big. The remix has some excellent old school acid lines in it, can’t
get enough.

Max Graham ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’ on Data is out May 16th
Mixmag Live mixed by Max Graham is out on DMC May 30th