1. ‘Digital Love’ Sycophant Slags (Sexonwax)
Myself and Francis Harris deliver a phat, filthy, nasty, electro house tune. The essence of the vocal and the bass line are inspired by ’Moody’ by ESG but this tune is complete bonkers. Tough beats build to fever pitch when the vocals drop followed by the filthy bass drop. Dark pads and 303s round this track off nicely. Released at the end of October and watch out for the video.

2. ‘Move on (Alex Smoke Dub)’ Envoy (Soma)
Absolutely brilliant. This is one serious piece of electro house. Filthy noises but with a crisp production from Alex Smoke. It goes from 4/4 to off beat and back again and is extremely trippy. Great analogs and squidgy sounds.

3. ‘Last Chance (Tripwire 7 hits of acid mix)’ Joshua Collins (Matter)
Jay’s stuff just gets better and better. This remix is an acid house number but very contemporary. This super funky rhythm track carries a quirky 303 and a fat bass line, with lush chords coming in at the end of the track, turning you to jelly on the dance floor.

4. ‘To Late (Brooks remixes)’ Impossible beings (End Collect)
Brooks takes this End recordings classic and brings it right up to date with 2 stunning remixes. The first is the vocal mix but it’s the instrumental that really rocks my world. Again very electronic but retaining a funky house groove. This mix still uses vocal samples from the origanal but does it to great effect.

5. ‘The Sky Was Pink’ Nathan Fake (Border Community)
Nathan Fake turns in a track that really has no genre, it’s kind of electronic but kind of tech housey but kind of progy but what it is is dark, twisted and innovative. This tune sounds like it was designed for K consumption use and does a great job in this space.

6. ‘The Party Ride (Mazi’s Audio Soul revamp)’ Ty Tek & Little Mike (Phrunky)
An excellent remix from Mazi on two of Denver’s hottest DJ’s. Mazi takes this mix into a much more electronic space than the original utilizing fully the dark Phuture style vocals to great effect.

7. ‘Rocococoa’ Dave Barker (Classic)
Dave Barker is better know for his engineering skills when working with Brett Johnson but this individual effort needs to be heard. This is a beautiful piece of electronic house with a quirky attitude and super cool analog melodies.