Paul Masterson

Heard any good rumours lately?
That I once studied to be a priest.

What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?
I played George Square in Glasgow for new years eve with Dave Pearce, David Morales live on Radio1 with 30,000 people. Playing to huge crowds of that number is unforgettable.

What’s your favourite club?
For me the definition of a good club is a loud but clear sound system with clever lights and lazers. I recently played ‘Protector’ in Poland holding 10,000 people. Truly an amazing spot and great crowds.

What’s your poison?
I’m generally a healthy eater but chocolate is still a hard habit to kick.

What’s your favourite record of all time?
‘Give It Up’ by The Goodmen. It was such a breath of fresh air amongst the other typical house and trance grooves at that time. I always sleep with the radio on and when it came on at 920 am on Radio 1 I think it must have worked its way into my sleep to waken me it was so good. Still today producers are stealing parts of this record for their own use.

What record can’t you stand?
Dj Otzi ‘Hey Baby’. Some of these holiday resort tunes can be tolerated but they really crossed the line with this one.

What record did you loose your virginity to?
When I lost my virginity the last thing I was concerned about was if the music was on.

What was the last record that you bought?
‘Feel The Vibe’ by Axwell on Nero records. Absolute quality.

Name your three biggest influences?
1. Disco
2. Innovative DJs ie: Carl Cox
3. Dance music from Holland.

Who would play you in ‘Paul Masterson’ the movie?
Sean Hayes who plays ‘Jack‚ in ‘Will & Grace’.

What’s your dream?
To travel to space and experience weightlessness.

How do you escape?
I got into Pilates which is great for strengthening the back and for core stability.

What is your favourite possession?
My house.

What / Who makes you laugh?
Graham Norton I have followed for years and recently I have been hooked on ‘Little Britian’‚ ‘Ant and Dec’s Undercover’ I never miss.

When was the last time you committed a crime?
I really am a law abiding citizen.

What is your life philosophy?
Try everything once and don’t abuse your body.

What is in your pockets?
1-4 Zone travel card.

If you were an animal what animal would you be and why?
I know every one will say a bird but its true. The ability to leap off the top of a high building, not fall to ones death, and fly for miles at great heights and at high speeds just amazes me. Total freedom.

You are having a party whom, dead or alive is on the guest list?
Freddie Mercury if he was here, but Elton John would be my first choice.

When was the last time that you embarrassed yourself?
When I was at school I hated physical education. I had to hide for that period and went behind one of the ‘wooden hut type classrooms where, I with a pen, inscribed the most abusive language about my P.E. teachers. I thought this class was empty as there was no sound. Next thing I see is the teacher. There was an exam going on and he heard me writing one wall from the inside of the class. I turned purple. I was expelled.

Tell us something that we don’t know about Paul Masterson?
I played a corpse in a BBC TV drama when I was 18. They had to do shots of me lying in the coffin taking the lid off and on. It wasn’t that scary really. I was really convincing, too.