Anthony and the Jonsons “The Lake”  (Secretly Canadian)
A haunting and up-lifting work of extreme beauty. Not a dry-eye in the house.

Monolake  – “Invisible” (Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music)
Proper Dark Electro with “Space Station” style vox. Sounds old hat I know,right?  but this is the real thing. Sonic brilliance.

Syclops ” Mom, The Video Broke ” (Tirk)
Like nothing else, (except perhaps Dick Hyman?s Moog??) ? with Maurice Fulton?s incredible drum production for new  dancefloors, good weird.

MoodMusic Unreleased Vol6. “Give me House” –  Klaus Wunderbaum Mix (MoodMusic Ltd).
Great Acid Hoose. ?I remember??

Zoo Brazil “Big Sister” (Cartridge)
Weird and chirpy square wave acid action. Great zaps throughout. Something really fresh about this.

Rekid “Tranzit” (from Era EP) (Microsolutions to Megaproblems ? Soul Jazz)
Great rough sounding, slow-motion disco track at a sleazy 105 BPM .

Midnight Mike “Creatures of Habit” (Republic of Desire), Promo.
Forthcoming on this great new Paris based label.
Space disco schaffel beat gem, tripping the whole party out.

Jonathan Vance ” Sylvia the Eagle”  – JD Twitch Optimo Mix (Run-Roc Records), Promo.
Wild and wonky myriad of punchy drums, punk vocal and Contortions style sax licks, then the synth lands on you and well….

LCD Soundsystem ” Yr City City’s a Sucker” (DFA)  usa only 12″
Originally the B-Side to the “Movement” 45, here is the full 12″ and Instrumental versions of this great and wonderfully paced groove-a-thon.

MoonDog “Pastoral Sweet” (Moco EP001)
Played by Moondog and his Wife Suzuko in the early fifties in NYC, carefully remastered to vinyl and sounding enchanting to say the least. Who said “never trust a hippy”?

Crash Course in Science  – Flying Turns (J.G. Willkes Edit) ? Kill the DJ/ Tigersushi
Coming soon .Some new drums and edits on this great homemade sounding racket from 25yrs ago.