Roman Flugel

1. Stuka Stunt – Motor (Novamute)
Brilliant 2nd EP by two mysterious guys from France and the USA. I  have to play this on minus six but even then it creates an indiscibable  atmosphere of fear and happiness on the dancefloor.

2. It´s Time – E-Troneek (E-Troneek  03)
Yes, Acid´s back again and this record proofs that it can still sound like it  was invented yesterday. Superb!

3. Chop – Rudeboy vs. Le Grand Boofant (UFO 15)
This is new-school dub Techno at it´s  best . Some might call it drug music and  I wouldn´t  dare to protest. I love the break in the middle when the cuckoo  clock starts to ring…

4. Fast Track  (Munk Remix) – Super Discount II

5. Pele Bloss – Wighnomy Brothers (Freude am Tanzen)
The Wighnomy´s are my favourite Production Team from Germany.”Pele Bloss”
dig´s  itself through the darkness of an open minded dancefloor and will let yourself  break into pieces.

6. Meanboy (Anders Ilar Remix) – Le Dust Sucker (Plong)
A very deep production.Could be my last record of the night (if it was a good one)

7. Africa/Brasil (Isolée Remix) – Louie Vega
Isolée is back, finally! This  remix paves the way to his forthcoming album “we  are monster” on Playhouse.

8. Operating Ease – Solvent (Ghostly Int.)
This “Neo – Depeche Mode /Yazoo” track is the opener for Solvent´s “Apples an Synthezisers” album. Cascades of warm and beautiful melodies start to drop  ftrom the roof the moment the needle hit´s this excellent piece of Vinyl.

9. Cotten Ball – Statler & Waldorf (Statler & Waldorf)
Most People in Ibiza would throw stones at you if you´d play this one at a regular party.I was lucky that Ricardo Villalobos introduced me to this track  while floating on the miidle sea close to the island during some heavy  after-afterhour. Wonderful music!

10. Brain of Glass/You Know (Alter Ego/SuperMeyer – Rmx´s) – Playhouse
This is a “Premier League” competition named Frankfurt vs. Cologne. Great Rmx´s  for Los Soul´s “Getting Even” Album on Playhouse.