Alex Gaudino

Giving the dancefloor that feeling…

Welcome to DMC Alex. An amazing career spanning three decades and some cool number one hits. Far, far away for someone who started DJing at the age of 12 on a cassette decks. Who first got you into music?

“My Mom, for sure… she loved music and she always helped me.”

What did you want to be when you were young?

“Honestly speaking, my first love was football, then music came just after that. As every kid of my era my dream was to be the new Paolo Rossi, that you can compare with Giuseppe Rossi today!!!”

What did your parents think of your choice of profession in the end?

“My dad was not really understanding in the beginning, then when he saw the result it changed his mind. My mom always supported me as I said, so …”

You grew up in the 80s with the whole pop era. You quite openly profess your love of pop music – what artists and songs stand out for you back then?

“Definitely George Michael. I’d love to make a record with him.”

What was the first record you bought?

“I think it was an italian record called “Gioca Joeur” by the italian DJ Claudio Cecchetto. It was big here…”

You seem too have grasped the whole business nature of the industry very quickly, you don’t take any crap in a business that is renowned for it. Did you learn this great attribute from your early days at Flying and UNN?

“Yes it was a great experience for me and it’s been really useful.”

First club you went to that blew you away?

“It was a club called Lanternone in Palinuro, close to Salerno.”

I seem to remember you liked to play football, jeez, you were hard done by being born in Salerno with your home football team Salernitana buried in Serie B. Still, Rigobert Song and Marco Di Vaio weren’t too bad in their day. Do you still have time to play?

“Yeah sometimes with my old friends…”

You founded your own Rise Records in 1998 under The Time Group and soon had worldwide hits with the likes of Black Legend and The Tamperer – and to this day you are the only Italian A&R who has had two Number 1’s in the UK sales chart. What are your memories from back then? There was a lot of competiton around at that time…

“Yes it was really hard back then, even if there were some figures who justified that competiton. Now? Forget about it!”

Why do you think some Italian DJs choose to hide their origins, you I know, are proud to be Italian.

I don’t know , but I respect their choice.”

You are a self confessed ‘fashion’ victim, what fashion designers’s clothes are always hanging in your wardrobes.

“So many man!!!! Such a long list! I feel confused!”

How did the Kelly Rowland ‘What A Feeling’ track which was a huge UK/US smash come about

“We had the song done and we felt it was really huge with a big name and a big voice. We tried it with her and she accepted because she loved the song. She’s been really great!”

What is the finest record you have put out in an A&R mode?

“‘I’m In Love’. Because…
1) It gave me the chance to confirm all good things that were around my label and my A&Ring.

2) It went to No.1 in the UK sales chart

3) I think Maxine’s voice is great.”

Which artist you have worked with has had the most talent?

“Jason Rooney. My studio partner is the best…”

What are your views on drugs in clubland, in my mind people are taking less these days and getting high on the music more?

“Yep thats what I feel really…even if does depend on the club, the party and the DJ…”

What are the big 10 tunes you are playing at the moment?

– Alex Gaudino – What A Feeling

– David Tort – School of 88

– Joey Suki – Dig It All

– Sandro Silva & Quintino – Epic

– Style Of Eye – We are boys

– Alex Gaudino – Kissed

– Gregory Klosman – Peacock

– Chicco Secci & Dave Sol – The Mask

– Alex Gaudino & Henry John Morgan – Italia

– Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling

What is your greeatest weakness?

“I don’t have one.”

Which country do you enjoy the most DJing in (apart from Italy)…?

“Brazil, definitely…”

With the success of Axwell, Sebastian and Steve…any thoughts on starting up the Italian House Mafia with your friends!? lol…

“It’s difficult with the Italians, we’re Maffiosa already…”

Best club and festival you have played at this year?

“Playground in Belo Horizonti in Brazil, the Danube Festival in WIen and Set Miami.”

What is the most glamorous party you have ever played at?

“Every party I do is glamorous…”

What song is on repeat on your iPod at the moment?

“It’s an Italian song from Vasco Rossi.”

Not many people know this, but Alex Gaudino is very good at…

“Doing Carbonara (every kind of pasta)…”

Miami or Ibiza?


What one artist, dead or alive would you like to get into the studio with?

“Barry White…and obviously Jacko…”

And finally what is next from the Gaudino studio…?

“Finishing the album to be released early next year! Stay tuned!”