DMC OnlIne

DMC On Line DJ Championship

HERE IT IS! After an amazing 11 rounds over 22 weeks, we have 18 incredible DJs seeking international support via public voting in the final stages of this exciting event.


DMC OnlIneThe current Top 10 shows the impact turntablism is having globally with UK, GERMANY, USA, ITALY, FRANCE and JAPANESE DJs all represented.  The event has also highlighted how well pure turntablism can do stood against some of the amazing use of technology the event has revealed.

Voting is close, those just outside the Top 10 need help because at 5pm on Tuesday 30th August those sitting below the top 10 will, like the 300 DJs in heats, will be eliminated.

With a first prize of $3000, lots of great gear from the ONLINE DJ sponsors and an expenses paid trip to the DMC WORLD FINALS in London on 6/7 October, the competition has a lot at stake for ONE WINNER, one new DMC legend!

In 28 years the DMC’s have launched the careers of scores of World Champion DJs and it is they who will decide finally who will join their ranks, who will become the world’s first DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPION.

On Tuesday 5th September DMC will release each World Champion’s votes across the day until 17.00hrs (GMT).
By 5pm a new DMC World Champion DJ legend will walk the earth!

Help these guys out by going to the Online Championships through WWW.DMCDJONLINE.COM