Ferry Corsten

It’s full on Ferry time

Welcome back Ferry to the DMC World. The world of music owes your father a huge pat on the back thanks to the fact as a nine year old he bought you your first record player! What records were you listening to back then?

“Hi Dan. Well, I started to listen to just the records that he bought!”

How important as a child getting interested in electronic music was the Dutch radio show ‘The Soulshow’ to you?

“It was very interesting. The Soulshow had a lot of popular records. Not only in the Netherlands but around the world. Listening to that radio show allowed to learn about music from different cultures and genres.”

What was your first ‘break’ as a DJ/producer?

“On a professional level, I think my first real break was my first gig in a club in the Netherlands back in the day. The club was Nighttown. However, when my daughter was born, I slowed down for a bit but I never had a real break!”

What did your parents think of your choice of career?

“They accepted me for what I wanted to do. They always let me do my own thing. When I was done with my studying I told my parents I wanted to focus me on music for one year and they accepted it.”

The Netherlands is going through the roof again with so many incredible producers and DJs. What do you think though sets you apart in your style from your ‘friendly rivals’?

“I always try to be creative and original, let it be in my sets or productions. I also play a lot of my own productions during my sets which makes my set different than others.”

In one of your early interviews in the late 1990s standing on the roof of East West Records in London with Tiesto, you admitted that you were both concentrating on the UK market as “it was the centre of the universe.” Had you any idea back then just how big the dance music scene was going to be globally one day and how things technically would move on?

“No, not at all. The dance scene has become something that I could only wish for back then. It is so amazing to see how it has grown over the years and how things technically have changed as well. I mean, who would ever thought that you could go to a club with just your headphones and a one USB stick and do a live set of 2 hours or even longer?”

You spend your life on tour. What does your daughter think of her dad’s fabulous lifestyle?

“Well, my daughter is 3 and a half years old and I don’t think she gets the whole picture of my job just yet Dan.”

Although the money must be amazing, the travelling must take it’s toll. I remember once you told me about a gig in Abu Dhabi where you were invited into the paddock of the Lotus Formula 1 team – who has been the biggest star you have met on your journeys?

“I have been told that I once met Madonna. But I can’t remember it!.”

What gear could you not do without on tour?

“My iPhone. I recently started to use one and so far it has not let me down. It is so easy to update my social networks and to communicate with my fans.”

In days gone by producers had to think carefully on how to create a buzz on their new tunes. Once upon a time you sent out only 7 white labels on your new Gouryella tune to certain big name DJs – you can’t do that anymore. So how do you get that buzz going or are you now in a situation where quite simply, the music speaks for itself?

“You can always try to built the anticipation with teasers on channels like YouTube or Vimeo, but in the end, the music will always speak for itself.”

Last month’s ADE was immense, the event is building and building. How was it for?

“For me the ADE is something that has become really important. During this event you get to meet so many ‘old’ friends’ and so many new people. My party with Sander was amazing! The show was sold out and the crowd was really great. Sadly enough I didn’t had the time to check out any other artists.” 

New Years Eve 2011 sees you bring us the Full On Ferry concept to the Brixton O2 Academy. What have you in store for us all?

“I can’t tell too much about the line up yet. As for the show, come see for yourself Dan.”

What is your typical on stage set up equipment wise?

“3 CD players, 1 mixer, my headphones and my USB stick.”

What are the big tunes you are spinning at the moment?

“I am testing tracks of my new artist album but I can’t tell too much about them just yet! Really enjoying the reactions so far.”

Not many people know this, but Ferry Corsten is very good at…

“Cooking. I love food and I love to cook in my spare time.”

What one record that you have created for us would you like to be remembered by?

“Gabriella’s ‘Sky’.

Who is the hottest new star on the planet right now?

“I really like what Arty is doing at the moment.”

Set the scene after the club when you are going home. Do you listen to music?

“I usually don’t listen to any specific music when I am done after a set. I listen to the radio while getting back home.”

It may not be very good for my image, but I really like…

“Classical music.”

What has been your anthem of the summer?

 “Ferry Corsten – ‘Check It Out’.” 

Was there one moment at a club where you looked out on the dancefloor and thought to yourself, yes Ferry, you have a career in the music world?

“Yes, when ‘Out Of The Blue’ exploded back in 1999. I was really amazed at the recognition that I got. Especially back then it really felt amazing as I finally started to reach my goal in music.”

Many people have said that Ibiza has become ‘too polished’ a little cliquey perhaps, what are your thoughts on that?

“It definitely has grown from it’s hippy roots. But there are good sides with that too. Having good roads in the last couple of years have prevented a lot of deaths.”

What is the biggest crowd you have ever played to?

“I think that was during the carnival in Salvador, Brazil. As far as I know there were about 1.5 million people there.”

You recently signed up to find a new superstar DJ with Olmeca Tequila. How many bottles have you around your house at the moment?

“Just one actually to keep as a ‘trophy’. My office though is another story.”

For a while after the explosion of trance in the 90s, other music forms came along and trance kinda took a back seat. It’s now the biggest music sound in the world. Did you ever question whether it would once again be THE force – and why is it so huge, what is it about the music that sends people crazy?

“I think many genres are blending these days. A lot of house tracks have trance like breaks and there are more and more house producers working with pop and hip hop artists. I think trance is so huge because off the melodies, the breaks, and the climax. It is probably just a feeling that people get when listening to trance.”

What is the craziest request you have ever had from a fan?

“Like I would tell you DMC guys.”

You are about to embark on a massive Stereosonic tour of Australia in December. What country has really surprised you this year and which country do you love returning to?

“Brazil really surprised me. The crowd was so into the music and when my set was supposed to end I played another two extra hours because the whole vibe was so amazing.”

And finally, what has 2012 in store for us studio wise?

“My new artist album is set to be released in the beginning of 2012.

Thanks for the interview!”

Ferry Corsten