Husky aka Lawrence Huskinson of course is one half of long running House duo Random Soul from always sunny Australia and it must be pointed out here that you have to acknowledge the fact that the two have successfully prosecuted their various production outfits and labels over quite some time, which is definitely some sort of effort these days.
Quality has always been the major factor in Husky’s productions and still there are some tracks, that stand out from the rest. We have such a burner in our hands here-the brand new offering ‘The Only Way’ featuring beautiful harmonized vocals from Brazen. The Original is a sun drenched uplifting vocal track, but even more impressive is the amazing Michael Gray Remix. The Full Intention man has pressed a lot of right buttons here-tight drums, lovely, sweet keys and a massive (and I mean massive) bass line that must be the best from him since his world hit ‘The Weekend’. Sets every floor on fire-be sure about that! Super duper!

4.5 out of 5”

Reviewed by MANNIX