Originally Galician born, Toni’s thirst for ever experimental production techniques and ever growing taste for music discovery led him to relocate to Barcelona to further fuel and follow his desires – not knowing that the path he’d taken would eventually lead him to the heart of the elrow family as one of their flagship residents. In the studio, Toni is also building a hefty back-catalogue with an ever evolving sound ranging all the way back from 2007’s acid tipped track ‘My Pocket Conspiration‘, to the tribal tech sounds on ‘Nazca’ on his Elrow Music debut in 2012 and various other releases which have lead to a wide array of unique styles and sounds from each of today’s releases on both solo productions and alongside the likes of Hauswerks, Santé, and many more in collaborations and remixes, meaning that Toni has firmly sealed his spot in the highest ranking in both admiration and respect in both the Spanish and international scenes.

DMCWORLD dives in to see how his summer in Ibiza has been and what’s coming out next from the Varga studio…


Hello Toni, how are you?

I’m good thanks. I’ve just about survived another crazy summer, ha ha!

So, tell me about your first trip to the island and how long you’ve been coming.

The first time that I visited Ibiza was in 2001. I came for a 1 week holiday, but ended up changing my flight home 3 times in a row ha ha! I then stayed on the island for around 3 weeks, partying every day!

Tell me a favourite memory from your time on the island…

I was playing in the main room of Amnesia once, and suddenly all of the lights went out due to a massive storm, but thanks to the emergency backup generators the music kept playing! I continued playing to more than 3,000 people for over an hour in the dark. It was incredible!

Where and when were you playing on the island this summer?

I played 7 times at Amnesia during my Elrow residency this summer, once at Ibiza Rocks and once at Blue Marlin for a Dennis Ferrer party!

Any off the beaten track beaches / bars / restaurants you can recommend?

I really like the La Escollera restaurant in Ses Salines. If you’re looking for a really beautiful sunset view, head to the Hostal La Torre in San Antonio!

What artists / albums are you listening to right now? 

Right now, I’m listening to the new Bicep album, and really loving it. I’d recommend it to everyone.

I hear you’ve got some big releases in the pipeline. What can you tell me about them? 

Well, I have a single track coming out in October on Steve Lawler’s label VIVa MUSiC, a remix for Huxley’s upcoming EP on Santé’s label AVOTRE, an EP coming out on Abode, and in February I will return to VIVa MUSiC with two original EP’s.

Beyond the vortex of Ibiza, where else have you been playing this summer?

It’s been a busy summer for me. I’ve been traveling a lot, and have played in countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Egypt, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Portugal to name a few!

Tell us something about you not many people know?

I know it might sound strange, but I quite like quantum physics, and I often read books about it.

What was the first record you bought?

The first record I ever bought was ‘The Man With the Red Face’ – Laurent Garnier.

If you weren’t a superstar DJ, where and what would you be?

I would’ve liked to have been a biologist, I love nature!