Zzub Chart 19-05-2016

(01) (--) Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – A Life Worth Living feat. U-Roy & Alice Russell (TruThoughts)

Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - A Life Worth Living Ft. U-Roy & Alice Russell (Vinyl Drop)

(02) (--) Rim & Kasa – Love Me For Real (Nik Weston Edit) (BBE)

Having fallen in love with the recent reissues of ultra rare records by Ghanaian afro-disco pioneer Rim Kwaku Obeng, both versions are now extremely DJ friendly. “Love Me For Real” by Rim & Kasa is an instantly seductive disco killer with an ever-growing groove, cleverly looped up by Mr Weston for maximum impact. “Gas Line” has a real funk edge thanks to it’s tight horn section and call-response vocal. Nik’s edit takes it new heights, keeping that addictive groove going and going.

Rim and Kasa - Love Me For Real

(03) (02) Metronomy – Old Skool (Warner Music)

The Joe Mount fronted project Metronomy is back with a new single which takes the classic bullet points of what made Metronomy such a hit. A bouncing electro beat, a high vocal with distinct 80’s pop sounds and most importantly a groove that is undeniable. The song is full of fun and speaks of Mount’s return to his English Riviera days. Even managing to include Beastie Boy Mix Master Mike on the latest venture. If summer ’08 was the summer of love, perhaps summer 16 could be the re-kindling of the romance? ‘Old Skool’ and is taken from the forthcoming LP out on July 1st titled Summer 08.

Metronomy - Old Skool (Official Video)

(04) (--) Jonas Rathsman featuring Josef Salvat (Complex)

This is a tech-blues odyysesy, an introverts primal scream, where complex emotions and urges are vented and perfectly complemented by Rathsman’s explorations into the dark corners of electronic music. Enjoy the journey. With the release only in the hands of a select few tastemaker DJs, ‘Complex’ has been making waves at the recent Miami Winter Music Conference, “receiving hands in the air welcomes and even a sit down ovation” according to label boss Damian Lazarus. ‘Complex’ is set to be the first underground anthem of 2016. The release comes with two carefully chosen remixes. First up is Swiss techno stalwart Deetron, who steers the song into percussive acid oblivion while Serge Devant offers up his deep house expertise for a dramatic and driving offbeat cut.

(05) (03) Rude Audio – Rudest EP (Zirkus Records)

The Rudest EP sees the band refining their trademark sound, and fusing their love of woozy dub with throbbing electronics.  Crystal Pylon demonstrates Rude Audio’s ability to weave the kind of hypnotic, Balaeric spell that merges an early 90s sensibility with something shiny and new. Knockemdub takes their Radio 6 championed tune Knockemdead, which featured the dulcet tones and melodic sound of rising star Eucalypta LV and rams it through the dubby, smoke filled orgone accumulator that comprises the collective’s hidden studio basement in the backstreets of south east London, to produce a mutant dub monster with half an eye on the appalling political melee that is Britain in 2016. Half Moon Lane Glitter reflects the band’s love of short and sweet stompathons – pulsating electronics meet Lamis’ staccato piano, uptown. User taps into their oldest love, crunchy, chugging, dubby analogue sounds, to create something that operates in the hinterland between melodic and relentless

Rude Audio - Knockemdub

(06) (01) Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool (EMI)

Radiohead combines their pioneering approach to songwriting – twisted vocals, blissfully filtered string arrangements and delicate pianos – alongside a nostalgic taste of older works. Seemingly anthological tracks like Decks Dark and The Numbers conjure the nostalgia of OK Computer – while Desert Island Disk feels like a post-apocalyptic hug from the only other person alive on earth. It is beautiful, completely characteristic of the band, yet fresh and shimmering. A Moon Shaped Pool is a moody, trippy sojourn into dead air space, deftly sketched out by a band who, at 31 years old, continue to excite and mystify. They win over every single last one of us.

Radiohead - Burn The Witch

(07) (--) Stereogamous Featuring Shaun J. Wright – Don’t Fight It (Twirl! Record)

he release opens with the original mix of ‘Don’t Fight It’, a sleek, modern- house cut with a solidly funky bassline groove. Stereogamous’s polished production shines throughout while Wright’s dulcet tones and rich harmonies perfectly compliment this sparkling banger. Music For Freaks label boss, Justin Harris, brightens the package with splashy percussive patterns, moody strings and a punchy bassline, Harris creates a peak hour version certain to work on any dancefloor. Rounding off the release is Twirl’s own Alinka with a dark, brooding remix. Using truncated and effected elements from the original to perfect effect while also adding a haunting, yet subtle, acid line and synth pads, Alinka crafts a titillating workout that’s sure to please.

(08) (04) SubRosa – Beyond The Clouds (Whyte Label Music)

‘Extraterrestrial’ is a smooth, futuristic Tech House stomper! Dipping in to the realms of Techno with its driving progression and eclectic choice of sounds. This bubbling skanker warms the floor nicely and the dark ‘Extraterrestrial’ Sample is unforgettable. ‘Anunnaki’ follows the Extraterrestrial theme but with a more mechanical and industrial feel. This stabbing, subbed out roller has an infectious groove. Dark, progressive and ‘Techy’ this one is sure to give your sound system and good work out! ‘Microbes’ is the icing on the cake! UK Underground at its finest! Hints of Techno and Garage but full on House and bundles of UK Bass. This one is a definate club rocker, starting mellow then coming in for the kill! Haunting pads and bubbling bassline’s wrap nicely into the driving beats!

(09) (--) MONKEY SAFARI – ‘Bernstein’ EP (JOHN DIGWEED & NICK MUIR Mix) (Hommmage)

This release demonstrates Sven and Lars’ move into the limitless domain of the “experimental” since the launch of their new label ‘Hommage’. As their career grows and transforms, it becomes more and more clear that they have found a medium in which to display their differing genre preferences and production styles. Monkey Safari is demanding the attention of industry heavyweights as evident by their 2015 collaborations with artists like GUY GERBER, KÖLSCH, MARC HOULE, WOLF + LAMB, JOSH WINK, as well as one of dance music’s most iconic producers, MOBY. In 2016, the evidence of Monkey Safari’s growing allure is made clear by the two otherworldly remixes released on the ‘Bernstein’ EP. JOHN DIGWEED & NICK MUIR’s remix of ‘Plexus’, brings in a more soulful, synthy take on the original. In UNER’s remix of ‘Bernstein’, the Spanish producer’s musical training radiates through, making it a sure-fire hit this summer.

(10) (--) FAROE – A Lot Better Now (Iam faroe music)

Words EP is a hypnotic full body of work, full of slick percussion and electronica that will please fans of of Grizzly Bear, James Blake and Sohn. Faroe brings emotions with restraint, balancing a cold electronic production with the honest clarity of his voice.

Faroe - A Lot Better Now (Official)

(11) (--) The AfterAffects / Rush Hour EP (Rubber Taxi Records)

Rubber Taxi are proud to present The AfterAffects with a four track EP that is consistent in quality throughout. “She takes Pictures” has a slight Euro vibe to it, and is indeed about a faded French chantuess who can’t quite accept her days of fame are over. It is both atmospheric and unique sounding and takes a few interesting turns along the way. “Rush Hour” is the most downtempo track on the EP and creates cinematic imagery of life in an urban environment in the 70s. With a glitchy Rhodes vamp over a slow breakbeat this track is a journey of the imagination into a long gone time. “What you do to me” has a driving energy with hypnotic vocal lines looping around the thrusting music. Someone at Rubber Taxi described it as Marching Electro Kraut Rock and that wouldn’t be too far from the truth. “Sunshine Sometimes ” has more of a House feel to it than the others. This ones for a summer night, splashing out imagery of good times and love in the universe. It’s lush groovy but still maintains an edge at the same time.

(12) (--) Earl Jeffers – Gloria (Ten Thousand Yen)

Earl has been the C in C.R.S.T in some of their earliest releases to the spanking ‘Goodfoot’ ep as Chesus. and more recently his twisted disco remix of Daneeka’s ‘What’s it Gonna Be?’ with Seven Davis Jr. As Earl Jeffers he’s really found his sound and we are stoked to have him back on board with his best EP yet. These tunes have been flaming all year in the clubs. Proper essential stuff.

(13) (05) Flavia Lazzarini – Aubergine (Zig Zag)

Italian DJ, producer and remixer Flavia Lazzarini’s ‘Aubergine’ album features 11 tracks of house music informed by 80s and 90s sounds, as well as real Roland hardware and the vibrant New York scene of yesteryear. Things kick off in colourful slow motion style with the long legged disco vibes and lovably lose handclaps of ‘Mambo.’ Then comes the groove driven ‘MK’, which could well be a tribute to the legendary house producer of the same name with its cool dubbed out drums and neon chords stabs. ‘Chicago Department’ is another deep and warm house tune with soft focus chords and slick rubber kicks, then ‘Rough People’ switches up the mood with some rugged synthesiser lines and freaky sine waves making for a more wonky groove. Always colourful and well produced, the album roams through more menacing territory on ‘Darkness,’ super slowed down soul on the suitably romantic ‘I Love You’ and then builds masterfully once more with the big bass rumbles and sensual hand claps of ‘No Title.’ Up beat house comes no finer than ‘Groovematic,’ the title track introduces some left of centre wind instruments and cascading bass riffs and the experimental depths of ‘Silence’ and cosmic rotations of ‘Piano Beat’ then round things out in sumptuous style. This is an ambitious, far ranging album that touches on myriad styles with equal charm and is sure to win Lazzarini ever more fans around the world as a result.

(14) (09) Lindstrøm – Closing Shot (Smalltown Supersound)

Following last year’s pop-laced “Home Tonight,” Lindstrøm has released “Closing Shot,” a buoyant bit of blue-sky disco that harkens back to the effortless ascendancy in his earliest singles. Over quickened drums, claps and patient filter play, Lindstrøm overlays soft pads with one of his classic synthesizer melodies; at times. Once the track blooms into its central theme, the fluid melody and anthemic build recall recent Todd Terje material. “Closing Shot” is the kind of jam Lindstrøm has been holding back for far too long, and it deserves all the attention such a return to form warrants.

(15) (--) Sandeman – No More Conversations (Get Physical Music)

Stuart Sandeman returns under his Sandeman guise with a new composition and new musical angle for Get Physical. ‘No More Conversations’ sees Stuart embrace a brooding, raw and dark feel via bumpy rhythms, gritty dub stabs and rumbling sub bass alongside a constantly wandering and modulating arpeggio synth lead and sporadic bass as the record unfolds into a peak crescendo of glitched out synths and heady percussion.

(16) (06) Alejandro Molinari – Break the Bricks EP (Blindetonation)

The opener ‘Break the Bricks’ is five minutes of corrugated synths, undulating rubber bass and carefully uttered male vocals that lend a human touch to the abstract sounds all around. ‘StereoMatches’ is slower and more trippy, with freewheeling synths riding up and down the scales whilst slap funk drums bring the infectious groove below. ‘Peso Muerto’ is deeper and more stripped back, with elastic drums and meandering sine waves making for a rather haunted and excellent atmosphere, then ‘Human Machine’ layers up fat drums and plodding bass stabs with twinkling keys and dehumanised vocals that make for a brilliantly robotic groove. ‘Machine Experience’ is then back to direct dance floor action with driven kicks, cosmic energy and prickly percussion making you sit up and take note before this well formed EP closes with the expertly menacing and industrial disco darkness of ‘Thanda.

(15) (--) Delorean – Contra (PHLEX)

There are no guitars here; its a synth-driven, four-to-the-floor effort (admittedly, there are some real drums in the mix) that often lands somewhere between dreamy ’80s pop and contemporary house music. This track from the new is a playful nod to the legacy of electronic music, but it’s also meant to signal what the LP is primarily about: the music itself. Without question, the album owes a heavy debt to house music, but Muzik isn’t mired in nostalgia or anthemic bombast. There’s a simplicity to its nine tracks, and that’s by design, but there’s nothing slight about the music on offer—this is a modern electronic album marked by emotional heft and thoughtful nuance.

(18) (07) Underworld – If Rah (Smith Hyde Productions)

Underworld’s Karl Hyde and Rick Smith could never be pigeon holed into a scene, creative shape-shifters in a dance music landscape with genre and micro-genre artists. This has been as much by design as a consequence of the times in which they’ve lived and recorded. ‘If Rah’ finds the duo slipping, as they so often do on albums, into a mid-tempo range, yet again defying you to label them.

Underworld - If Rah

(19) (08) Mason – My Ritual / Let It Go (Animal Language)

‘My Ritual’ opens the release with a medley of warming playful chords, radiant melodies and an infectious vocal throughout to reveal a production geared for the summer. ‘Let It Go’ then switches up the aesthetic, with a focus on darker, deeper tones. A series of gritty bass lines, crisp claps and resonant vocal licks are accompanied by a bumpy groove throughout to complete the two-track offering.

(20) (--) Tantsui – Around the River EP (The Soundgarden)

Moscow based trio Tantsui provide the perfect release to launch the label with, the two tracks have a very special, unique sound — charming, interesting, melodic, but still groovy and dancefloor-friendly. The release sets the bar high and is a bold statement from a new label with lots of exciting music to share over the coming months and years.

(21) (--) Mauro Picotto – AYALA (Alchemy)

Mauro’S original mix embraceS his ability for creating melodious and hypnotic atmospheres, fusing mesmeric pads with snaking bass grooves, looped synth stabs and delayed square wave bass hit to create an intricately unfolding eight minute voyage. Up next is the ‘Heartmode Instrumental Mix’ which introduces old school piano hooks, bubbling background atmospherics and sweeping arpeggios to create a bright contrast to the originals darker, brooding feel. The ‘Picotto Dub Mix’ then rounds off the package taking things back into dark realms via stripped back rhythms, dubbed out synth swells and a menacing bass hook that continually evolves over the records seven minute duration.

(22) (10) Gemini Brothers – Lost Babylon (inc Moscoman, In Flagranti and Daniel Kyo remixes) (Night Noise Music)

Night Noise Music continues to offer up refreshingly inventive music, this time from Romanian siblings Gemini Brothers who serve up one standout original then get remixed with élan by Moscoman, In Flagranti and Daniel Kyo. The Gemini Brothers have been crafting a singular disco sound for the last three years now. Made up of sibling production duo Ionut and Razvan they have a rugged, machine made disco style that is physical and cosmic and has previously dropped on Bearfunk, ISM Records and Glenview Records, often with support from the likes of Faze Action and Andrew Weatherall. Up first is their expertly spangled, churning dark disco chugger ‘Lost Babylon.’ It has tough arps, spitting cosmic sounds and spiralling synths that take you ever higher as the macho but slow groove rolls on with serious weight. It’s a real crowd shocker that will make a big impact in any set. Celebrated cosmic duo In Flagranti then manage to inject their unique sense of tantalising psych-disco fun in a remix that is wild and colourful as well as being nailed to a deep cut groove.

(23) (11) Echoel – Ordinary EP (8Kō Records)

‘I Wanna Live’ opens things up in confident and accomplished style, with lazy mid tempo beats and off kilter synths making for an inviting groove. Aloof male vocals add to the loveable laziness of the whole thing and it makes for a fine opener as a result.
‘Next up, ‘You Are My Friend’ picks up the pace and is a rubbery, squelchy house affair with panning pads and watery synths sounding fresh and original. It’s a fulsome and charming house cut, to be sure.  Then comes ‘Ordinary,’ another slick production that is well driven with smeared pads and arpeggios filling out the woody hits and drums. Expertly dehumanised vocals lend a Kraftwerk feel and overall you feel as though you are racing along a motorway late at night. The succulent and seductive ‘Spin’ is another effortlessly motorik house track with well defined drums and round bass underpinning acid stabs, undulating little hooks and roaming piano chords. It’s classy club music that will get whole ‘floors under its spell.  With the invention on offer in this standout EP, it is fair to say both artist and label are already impressing despite being so new to the scene.

(24) (--) Luke Solomon & Jonny Rock – Frangpian to L.A EP (Futureboogie)

“Luca Frangpian” stomps like any classic disco dub should do, leaning on a hook that some keen ears may recognise, its funky bass lick and incessant cowbell wrapped up in guitar licks and idle piano keys. A “Dub Mix” dispenses of the bass riff and let’s the synths get all ‘freaky deaky’ on yo ass. “Groovin To LA” on the flip features an understated vocal hook, filtering around vintage disco tropes of parping horns and sweeping strings, as the beats, that elicits that trademark sound that Luke has made his own, rattle away gratifyingly. DJ Fett Birger & Jayda G take “Groovin To LA” on a wander to the seaside for a breezy and kitschy reinterpretation. Crashing waves and coastal sounds waft in and out of a gentle melodic rendition, the distorted yet supple percussive beats propping up the kooky Summer vibes just right.

(25) (12) Mr Bird ft. Greg Blackman – Over Again (Ashley Beedle’s North Street Mix / A TOM MOULTON MIX) (Ramrock)

‘Over Again’ is your new found favourite Modern soul sounding classic, a love letter, embedded on a long-lost, dusty mix tape that you rediscover at the back of a drawer with its hand written track list that still makes you smile at the memories. With it’s simple, effective and touching home-made soul flavour, ‘Over Again’ is a musical marriage made in heaven by two funky cats at the top of their game – producer, DJ and Multi-Instrumentalist Mr Bird and Vocalist, Songwriter and all round Powerhouse Greg Blackman, whose unforgettable voice creates memorable, thickly layered soulful jams, flowing effortlessly over Bird’s diverse palette of rhythms. Filled to the brim with strut, sweetness and memorable hooks, ‘Over Again’ is timeless – the limited vinyl 12” features the ‘Low-Fi Classics’ version previously only available as digital on BBE as well as new mixes from house music legend Ashley Beedle and the exclusive to Ramrock Blue vinyl only mix from the Godfather of the Disco 12”, Tom Moulton.

(26) (13) Various Artists – Genus (inc. Einmusik, Third Son & Pete Oak) (Polymath)

Third Son’s Polymath concept will ask different artists to create pieces inspired by their perception of a singular theme with three artists each contributing a production under the same track name. The flagship release will include tracks from Einmusik, Pete Oak, and Third Son himself, all named ‘Genus’. The 3 tracks certainly have their place on the dance floor, but also go further to challenge the listener, rather than conform to accepted norms. Third Son’s version of Genus is a display of both musical and production dexterity. The track opens with a simple yet powerful theme developing into an arpeggiated swirl of harmonically related ideas that is as compelling as it is hypnotic. The middle section reaches it’s climax with class, recapitulating to the basic ground thumping (and speaker pounding) idea we were first introduced with. Einmusik and Pete Oak ’s versions are equally interesting to the aforementioned. The former plays on more traditional counter melody and harmony to contribute to the ‘Genus’ theme. The highly layered ideas intertwine and gel together perfectly to create a homogenous, important piece. Pete Oak’s version relies on more modern ideas, including a wide, goolish bassline and melodic plucks to conclude the release in style.

(27) (15) Boddhi Satva – Nankoumandjan (BBE)

Deeply spiritual musician, producer and founding father of ‘Ancestral Soul’, African powerhouse Boddhi Satva returns with a very special 4 track EP. Having previously released on Louie Vega’s ‘Vega’ label and Osunlade’s Yoruba Records as well as running his own ‘Offering Recordings’. Full of African and Latin influenced rhythms and powerful vocal performances, ‘Awakened Spirit’ perfectly reflects Satva’s idiosyncratic, mystical approach to music. Translating as ‘The White Bird’, opening track ‘Ngnari Konon’ is “an ode to peace in Africa and the rest of the world” says Satva. It features Grammy Award winner & UN ambassador Oumou Sangare, one of Africa’s greatest female voices. Featuring the late vocalist Mangala Camara, hypnotic second track ‘Nankoumandjan’ is named after an ancient warrior from the Mandingue Empire. Potent third track ‘Benefit’ features legendary UK soul vocalist Omar, who simply soars over Satva’s blend of African and Caribbean musical flavours. Final track ‘Fighting Spirit’ closes out the EP with Brazilian percussion backing up a dense and potent House groove, dedicated to Boddhi’s father who sadly lost his battle with cancer in early 2014.

(28) (15) FLVN – Logan (inc. Lordakat & Kiwi remixes) (Night Noise Music)

First up here is ‘Logan’, seven minutes of seriously weighty, bass heavy slo motion disco that suck you deep into its grinding groove. Darkened vocals add menace to the drums and the whole thing is brilliantly macho. First to remix is fellow Bordeaux talent and Rock to the Beat Records man Lordakat, who does so with real feeling an ups the ante, drops in some big crashing hits and squealing synths that bring a haunted and hellish feel to the chugging drum line. The resulting remix is a truly writhing monster. The other perfectly well formed original is ‘Luster’, a track build on vast rubber kicks that ring out into a dark and sparse inner city night. Searching synths and gurgling machine sounds bring an unsettling feel and make for perfect post-apocalyptic disco vibes. London based Kiwi aka Alex Warren then steps up with another remix, dark and housey in nature, it has epic synth chords ringing out like early John Carpenter and is a dramatic, emotive cut with a real sense of space and grandeur that places you right in the middle of the action.

(29) (--) Paul Morrell featuring Vicky Jackson – Sweet Melody (Perfectto)

Paul Morrell has been a firm fixture on the UK house music scene for over a decade, if he isn’t familiar to you now he soon will be with his brand new single Sweet Melody on Perfecto Records. With vocals from Vicky Jackson & a piano riff that screams classic it’s set to be a staple in DJs sets over the Summer. Remix duties come courtesy of Ozzut who adds his own future house touch!

(30) (16) Black Square – Archive Ft. Sarah Hezen (Crunch Recordings)

‘Archive’ featuring the vocals of Sarah Hezen sets an ominous tone, with portentous chimes and metallic scratches, joined by a weighty broken beat and soaring, affecting strings. Halfway between Massive Attack in their rowdier moments and The Prodigy in their calmer. ‘Archive’ comes with a mind-bending video from Ben Hartley-Marjoram and is an appositely ambitious statement of intent.

(31) (17) Toy Tonics Various – Mushroom House EP 1 (Toy Tonics)

This MUSHROOM HOUSE EP is the first release in a series of EP’s that will feature tracks from the new wave of weirdo house that is influenced by ethno, afro, psychedelic music. On this first 4 track EP you get new music from ALIEN ALIEN aka Italian producers Rodion & Hugo Sanchez with an Detroit techno kind of track with mushroomey space voices that drive a dancefloor crazy. Then Australian surfer kids and house producers JAD & THE LADYBOY doing a afro heavy old school MPC house jam Gomma boss MUNK is featured with the high in demand Rebolledo Version of SURF SMURF and as a bonus track you get the legendary DJ KOZE remix of WHOMADEWHO’s Keep me in my plane. Releases some years ago, three times repressed and sold out. Sounding now fresher then ever.

(32) (18) Anchorsong – Expo (Tru Thoughts)

“Expo” is the second single from Anchorsong’s ‘Ceremonial’ album, which sees the London-based Japanese producer mixing the minimalist, catchy melodic phrasing and unique beats of his previous work with a newfound love for vintage African music. Influences from Orchestre Poly-Rythmo to Fela Kuti-style Afrobeat to High Life now hold sway, while he retains the crisp production sensibility and immersive arrangements that have always set him apart. An amazing musician… What a beautiful record that is, One of the best of the year for sure… Joyous and engaging, creative and brilliant!

(33) (19) Crazy Godz – Dynamic / Original Tropical Steel Band – Spanish Hustle (Back To The World)

Ashley Beedle & Darren Morris aka Crazy Godz apply their musical voodoo to ‘Dynamic!’ ripping up a storm using a secret sample from ’77, when disco ruled supreme, combining the pulsating rhythm together with a hip hop sensibility. Be warned, the language is explicit! Originally released at the tail end of 2014 and available on a very limited vinyl imprint, ‘Dynamic!’ was distributed to a small, selected band of tastemakers. However, such has been the demand for ‘Dynamic!’ that the BTTW A&R Department has decided to relaunch it plus the ‘Spanish Hustle’ edit.

(34) (21) Kalyde – Keep Me Hanging EP (Huxley Remix) (No Idea’s Original)

‘Keep Me Hanging’ is a twisted production layered with distorted effects, infectious arpeggios and a mesmerising male vocal. ‘Pyro’ then generates eerie atmospherics and metallic synths before the more upbeat ‘Makossa’ instigates a sultry bassline, rhythmic percussion and deep chords. Concluding the package, Huxley delivers an energetic reworking of ‘Keep Me Hanging’ that combines intricate drums with a hypnotic hook.

(35) (22) DOOMSQUAD – Who Owns Noon in Sandusky (Bella Union)

DOOMSQUAD travelled to the New Mexican desert to write and record there album Total Time, creating dark, pulsating beats interspersed with hypnotic, incantatory jams. The album opens with the enticing dance of ‘Who Owns Noon in Sandusky,’ which was written to inspire the nakedness in us all, a song to wake up our inner clocks and reclaim our circadian time.

(36) (23) Various Artists – Chris Sullivan Presents The Wag (Harmless)

For the first time ever, the musical legacy of feted London nightclub and ‘haven for misfits’ The Wag is explored over 4 discs with a selection of remastered rare, classic and collectible funk, Latin, disco, hip hop and jazz that filled the floor. Released on via Harmless records and curated by Chris Sullivan – a musician, journalist and most importantly, the Wag’s founder, director, promoter, designer and booker for its entire run of 18 years. Music explored on this box set covers a period from the Wag’s inception in 1982 to 1986, and although the club was an integral early proponent in the acid house explosion and continued to support electronic music until its close in 2001.

Quando Quango - Genius

(37) (20) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dark Necessities (Digital Retailers)

Thank you Sarah Favouritizm for the heads up… The track starts off sounding like something outside of the band’s wheelhouse, but eventually the familiar Flea bass funkiness kicks in and Anthony Kiedis‘ tongue-twisty delivery covers the more melodic effort. With Producer Danger Mouse coming up with super-modern ideas open ups a swelling swarm of piano, bass and synth drone before some jazzy funk-pop frivolity, all Chic handclaps and low-riding disco noir grooves building to a vaguely Beatle-ish middle-eight that suggests they set out to write their own ‘A Day In The Life.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

(38) (24) Eskimo Twins feat. Justine – Je M’Ennuie / Capital Emocional

After a year’s studio hiatus the Eskimo Twins have returned, fired up their moog and 303 to produce music a little outside their trademark sound.  Je M’Ennuie is a slow motion electro workout, aided by a sultry French vocal from Nein newcomer, Justine.  Remixes come from Mikron, fresh from their fantastic mini-album release on Central Processing Unit and LVL 2 favourite, Pete Callard.  Second track “Capital Emocional” bridges the gap perfectly from the twins last release on Clouded Vision and sees them in forward-thinking acid house mode.

(39) (25) Josu Mämmi – Spring/Summer 2016 (Bandcamp)

Josu Mämmi is self releasing a sizzling new five track EP entitled Spring/Summer 2016 through Bandcamp on a pay what you want basis. Mämmi is a musician and producer and “a bossa nova drummer who got bit by a techno-fly” who hails from Helsinki. Here he is putting out his first ever EP and it is one that is already fully formed in terms of sound and style so is sure to assert his position on the global stage. Opening up this fresh EP is the standout ‘Mammas Pojke’, a quick and slick cut of boom bap drums, icy hi hats and bristling vocal samples and rattling perc. It is explosive and party starting and will jolt any ‘floor into action. The compelling ‘Collage’ is another excellently physical affair with barreling broken beats and clever samples and filters that add dynamism to the sounds. Colourful blurts of synth bring warmth and soul to the glitchy groove and really suggest Mämmi is a master producer already. The corrugated drum funk and prying chords of ‘Conflict’ will make for a perfect moment at an outdoor festival at sun down, and ‘Open Your Eyes’ is another urgent and infectious bit of drum programming that is tight and off beat, broken and texturally rich. Last of all comes ‘Si,’ a more spaced out and emotive cut with rolling drums and tender xylophone sounds.

(40) (18) Tensnake – Desire (True Romance)

On the A side, Tensnake brings us a slow and low 112bpm dancefloor burner, Desire is a dreamy groove with hazy vocals, airy guitar and exotic synths that will stick to you like glue. The flipside, Fantasma, is a trippy acid disco number infused with oriental influences. Flirting with Balearic and psychedelia, this record sees Tensnake going off the beaten path and sets the tone for his label True Romance.c and psychedelia, this record sees Tensnake going off the beaten path and sets the tone for what should be a great year in music for him and his label True Romance.

(41) (19) Ed Ed – Namaimo EP (Moodmusic)

Up first is the tantalising title track, a broody seven minute opus defined by its big bold bass strokes. Slick percussion and rolling kicks form the groove down below, but that bass is what sticks out, as well as some lithe and sci-fi synths that perform acrobatics up top. ‘Lilly (My Love Is Away)’ comes next and is less settled in a groove. Instead it has squelchy drums and perc making for a more turbulent rhythm that has big bass and subtle little chords running right through it. Shady and atmospheric and full of late night menace, it is a well balanced track once more. The striking ‘Sentinel’ proves Ed Ed can programme tight, corrugated drum lines and crisp, snapping perc that makes you want to dance a physical dance, and when the tender male vocals come in you really are carried away to a better place. Last but not least, ‘Starsign’ marries deep house drums with explosive and starry melodies, big blasts of frazzled synth and plenty of colourful intergalactic soul. It’s a real head turner, for sure. Ed Ed is fast becoming one of the most essential house producers of his day. This EP is a fine statement of intent and is one that will move DJs and dancers in emotive ways.


(42) (26) Entschuldigung – Entschuldigung EP (Word Up Records)

The lovably quirky fusion of electro, pop and disco from Entschuldigung features four cuts of fat grooves and fulsome synths, it is an all analogue affair, things open up with the pumping ‘Ting Ting,’ a statement track from Entschuldigung where electro dance meets modern club sounds and grooving is the order of the day. It’s as colourful and up beat as classic Todd Terje and immediately sets a great standard. The captivating ‘C.O.N’ is then a minimal electro track split with a deadly break. With its super cool sound, it also features weird sound design and trippy synths that are slick and snappy. ‘Mysterious Downtown’ then masterfully flips the script with sleazy 80’s hip-hop vibes and pinging 808 sounds: think Neneh Cherry and Snoop Dog locked in a studio and you’ll be half way there. The last exquisite track is again a slo-mo chugger. Entitled ’Say it Loud’ it has smeared synths, UFO sounds and pristine rubbery kicks driving it along and sounds like an extended acid trip that will burrow deep into your brain. This is an easy to love and inventive EP that is surely the start of a very bright future for the two talents behind it.

(43) (20) L’Equipe Du Son – Ultrasonic Love Waves (Silhouette Music)

The debut album Ultrasonic Love Waves by L’Equipe Du Son defines not one single genre or style but a mixture between glo-fi, disco and tech house, an album inspired by L’Equipe Du Son’s love of 80s teen flicks and 70s sci-fi.


(44) (31) Tiago de Renor – Aurora EP (Not Another)

Not Another label serves up a sizzling second cut, this time from Tiago de Renor with on point remixes from Sonic Future, Shades of Light and Be Morais. Up first is Aurora, a brooding bit of deep house that is riddled with glowing synths, scurrying percussive lines and future energy. It explodes into a groove that will sweep up any dance floor and is a masterfully produced affair. Apollo is the next original from the Brazilian talent and is a quicker and sucked in affair with driving, punchy drums, atmospheric pads and frazzled bass making for an essential groove. Sonic Future & Shades of Light link up for a remix that is more techno in nature, with its twinkling night sky melodies and neon colours, and Be Morais then supplies his own version that goes even darker, harder and more technoid. His kicks are forceful, his bass is tightly coiled and his synths are sic fi and spaced out!

(45) (32) Dave Winnel feat. Jackie Jaxx – Money (Armada Music)

Getting it on with some typical rhythms, laid-back vibes, and Jackie Jaxx’ impeccably timed rap, Dave Winnel delivers yet another unassailable masterpiece, complemented by Judge’s old-school, genre-defying rendition. It is said that ‘Money’ doesn’t buy happiness. But this tune does make you feel pretty good!

(46) (40) Michel de Hey – Basic Eggs EP (Hey!)

‘Basic Eggs’ EP is the latest in a slew of new releases, Each top track from it has been road tested around Europe and has been proven to work, with the title track making it onto the official Extrema Festival mix CD. Opener ‘Basic Eggs’ is a real stomper, with big and irresistible drums and cutting synth stabs. It’s a physical booty shaker with crisp production that jumps right out of the speakers and straddles the line between house and techno with ease. Tightly coiled tech house is the order of the day on ‘Tracklights’, with its knotted bass and whirring machine funk making you jiggle your whole body. Skipping hits and real percussive looseness classify this as a sure-fire ‘floor filler. Last but not least, ‘Feverish’ drops into a more silky, low slung groove. It is romantic and heartfelt with warm pads and gentle beats caressing you with its coy sense of funk. Tight drums and clean chords add to the lushness and will mean you are truly carried away.

(47) (33) I-Robots – Kind of Intrigue (The Cosmic Disco remixes) (Opilec Music)

Continuing with a series that focusses on brilliant remixes of I-Robots originals, Opilec Music now bring together two more Italian legends of the scene in Alexander Robotnick and Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi. They both turn out reworks of ‘Kind of Intrigue’ from 2009 as part of an on going project that is all based around the impact of Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics and features art by Tamami Saito.

(48) (34) Silience feat. Joe Michel – Remember M

There was a time when The Bearded Man spent a lot of money on cars. Like a LOT. But it wasn’t on speed. Hell no! It wasn’t on crotch rockets or import tuners or any of that honky bullsh**. He spent his cash on them low-lows, girl. He’d ride up round sunset, hydraulics in full swing, on some unsuspecting hotties from the block. When the girls saw him coming, they’d take their sunglasses off, time would slow down, and they’d simultaneously mouth the words: “Daaayyyyuuumm.” Needless to say, The Bearded Man knew how to make one hell of an impression. They admired his ability to drive in a lowrider. They admired his ability to own a car. But most of all, they admired the fact that his owning those things must have made him a better man. I mean, why else would people do it? Who cared about his personality? Who cared about his rhymes (which were mad ill by the way)? Who cared about whether or not he had a job? The lowrider said enough. Just like Aphex Twin’s iconic ‘Windowlicker’, The Bearded Man would often encourage these ladies to join him in his ride, and they’d bounce off into the California sunset. Hey come on, it was the 90s! You can’t blame him for that!

(49) (--) Astronauts of Antiquity – Paradise ft. Deploi (March Against Monsanto)

At the heart of ‘Paradise’, is Los Angeles­based rapper and spoken word artist Deploi . Deploi’s expansive lyrics are delivered with urgency in matters concerning Monsanto, referencing George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and the obesity epidemic in the West. Tieing in with the core message of ‘Paradise’, AOA’s vocalist, offers up a distinctly swaggering vocal style with intriguing melodies that are hard to ignore. B. Rhyan throws dark, haunting guitars over Ivica’s ( Sony­Epic ) arrangement of electronic soundscapes sending tension and atmosphere throughout the track. ‘Paradise’ highlights the many issues with Monsanto’s genetically ­modified food that has been stated in scientific studies to cause health and environmental problems.

Astronauts of Antiquity - Paradise ft. Deploi

(50) (35) Feiertag – The Rituals (Boogie Angst)

A fine collection of electronica with flashes of house, nu disco, soul and pop in a thoroughly pleasing aural concoction. With guest vocals from the supremely talented Tessa Rose Jackson and Colin Lee over Feiertag’s crisp productions, it’s a polished, melodic body of work continuing to build on his signature sound he started to establish with ‘High Expectations’. Opener Sunday Mornings is a relaxed track at ease with the world. Ethereal side chained synths and soulful vocal lines play over a steady analogue groove – it’s the musical equivalent of a weekend stroll through a field in summer. Beautiful. Tessa Rose Jackson provides beautifully melodic vocals on The Parachute – an indie electronica tune with pop and soul leanings. Laden with glistening synths and almost sound design like guitar lines. It’s a gorgeous piece that will leave listeners uplifted Featuring the soulful vocal talents of Colin Lee, Down To You is a tasteful track combining house and electronica with a less-is-more attitude. Carefully accented with echoed percussive fills – it’s a laid back affair with reverb drenched synth pads subtly evolving around the drum peaks and troughs. Body & Soul closes the collection flitting between broken beats and nu disco showcasing the versatility of Feiertag’s drum chops as well as his production skills. It’s a head nodding tune that builds up to an ending of hypnotic layers of tuned percussion lines that leave you wanting more.