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I love house parties!


Rolling Stones – Hot Stuff

My favourite jam from my Stones’ favourite record. Isn’t this amazing?

The Rolling Stones - Hot Stuff - OFFICIAL PROMO


Da Chick – Foxy

Da Chick is my sister in arms, and a guaranteed party starter.

Da Chick - Call Me Foxy


Bufi – Salvaje

Nothing’s more suited for 7 am than Bufi’s Latin American darkness.

Bufi - Salvaje (Discotexas, 2014)


Oma Nata – Baiana

Dark, mysterious and groovy cuts, filled with samples from Brazil, from one of my favourite producers, Oma Nata.

Oma Nata - Baiana (FORBIDDEN CUTS 2016)


Chico Buarque – Construção

Chico was probably the artist I heard the most in my childhood, due to my parents overplaying him at home. He is an amazing composer, and probably one of the craftiest writers using the Portuguese language.


Goldlink – Fall in Love ft. Ciscero

I’m a sucker for flutes and funk, so what’s not to like in this Kaytranada produced absolute jam?

GoldLink - Fall in Love ft. Ciscero


Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23

On one of my first visits to NYC I had this song stuck in my mind all the time. It’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and perfect for the first hours of light.

Shuggie Otis...Strawberry Letter 23


Santana – Canto de Los Flores

Absolutely genius tracks from the first (and most interesting) period of Santana’s career. Again: flutes.

SANTANA-canto de los flores


Phony Ppl – Why iii Love The Moon

Amazing song, and a flawless groove. Timeless.

Phony Ppl - Why iii Love the Moon.


Crackazat – Somewhere Else

Man, this track brings me absolute joy. I immediately wanna dance silly. It’s contagious.

Crackazat - Somewhere Else (Local Talk 2014)



It is dirty, groove-infused, sexually charged, and perfectly combines the best elements of a great funk song with those of an underground club anthem.
The collaboration between Moullinex and Fritz felt immediately natural, and the result is a contagiously catchy jam. Being mutual fans, and both sharing a deep love for unapologetic, in-your-face funk artists like Cameo, Rick James, Colonel Abrams and of course, Prince, the collaboration felt immediately natural. The result is a celebratory purge of everyday pressure, the perfect soundtrack for that exact moment when one chooses not to deal with someone else’s BS.
HYPERSEX is name of the new Moullinex album, out this fall. It’s a collective love letter to club culture, and a celebration of love, inclusion and difference.
After the two previous singles “Open House” and “Love Love Love”, both received with critical and public acclaim, “Work it Out” sheds new light into Moullinex’s third album, bridging optimism with defiance.

Moullinex – Work It Out (Feat. Fritz Helder) Out July 27th 2017 (Discotexas)