Prince Of Denmark – Your Body

I consider myself a true fan of everything this dude does. I don’t care if it came out under his Traumprinz, DJ Metatron, Prime Minister Of Doom, DJ Healer, or Prince Of Denmark monikers, every set or track he releases i’ll be sure to try to find digitally or phisically on vinyl. Plus, the fact that he doesn’t like to play in front of nobody just adds cool points to it.

Prince Of Denmark – Your Body

Nine Inch Nails – Me, I’m Not

Probably my favorite band of all time, and definitely my biggest influence. There was no way in hell I’d leave NIN out of this list. I have so many NIN favorite records but this one really captures their whole sound in my opinion.

Nine Inch Nails – Me I`m Not

Portishead – Wandering Star

It’s hard to pick just one song from one of my top three favorite bands, but I definitely have Wandering Star on repeat. Their streaming fees are way bigger just from me listening to this record.

Portishead – Wandering Star

(Hed) Pe – T.O.S. (Tired of Sleep)

I used to listen to this whole album day and night back when I was really into skateboarding and practicing guitar with a band I used to play with. These dudes from Huntington Beach always kept themselves pretty underground, and they definitely blew my mind during the Nu Metal years due to the lead singers ability to sing, rap, scream, and overall kick ass.

05 T O S (Tired Of Sleep)

Organized Konfusion – Stress

I lived in the west coast for a while so I’ve always been a real hip hop head, and i’ve never leaned towards just 1 style of it, but there is something about the 90’s coast rap such as Wu-Tang, and so many others. So, when a good friend of mine first introduced me to Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po’s rap group I became a fan right there and then.

Organized Konfusion "Stress" [HD]

Roy Ayers – Liquid Love

When it comes to acid jazz, soul, and rhythm & blues, there is no one better than Roy. There is nothing else I would play when I’m trying to relax or setup a chill mood. Half of the ink I got on my body was put while listening to Roy Ayers or Roy Ayers Ubiquity.

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt.2

This is, and has always been my favorite hip hop record of all time. There is something about the sample they used on this beat that really fits the whole bravado and realness Havoc and Prodigy bring on this record. 

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones, Pt. II (Audio)

Schacke – Trained To The Floor

I got introduced to Schacke’s Eurodance/Techno fusion by a good friend of mine from Berlin, and it totally blew my head off. This dude isn’t afraid of fusing 90’s Russian pop with hardcore Techno and coming out with a killer track like this one or any other he has under his belt.

Schacke – Trained To The Floor [KAOS02]

Black Hippy – Vice City

I also like the newer hip hop, but to me there are only a few dudes making good hip hop out there that such as J. Cole, Earl Sweatshirt, and of course anyone on Top Dawg Entertainment, so I was delighted to find out Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, and Kendrick Lamar had form this rap supergroup. I love the laid back flow and cadence K-Dot and Jay Rock deliver on this record.

Jay Rock – Vice City feat. Black Hippy

Scalameriya – Very, Very, Slightly Curved

I really like Techno, and there is no one more consistent than Scalameriya in my opinion. This track always does it for me, cause when it goes off after the break it makes the real Techno lovers go mental, while scaring away the fake ones at the same time. Sonically speaking, it feels like a roundhouse kick to the face.

Scalameriya – Very, Very, Slightly Curved [THEM006]

Louie Fresco – Black Wax EP (No.19 Music)

No.19 Music welcomes back long-time associate Louie Fresco for a first solo EP since 2014, with standout remixes from Bas Ibellini and Shaun Reeves making this another fantastic package. Fresco debuted on this label in 2012, and since then has served up the essential Autophobia album in 2014 and two further EPs. After a couple of quiet years, the Mexican tastemaker is back with more of his hard to categorise house and tech tunes, once again bringing plenty of quality to the table. Fantastic opener ‘Black Wax’ is a heavyweight deep house tune with swirling pads and edgy stabs. A muffled vocal adds an old school feel and this one really builds the mood nicely. ‘Aliens (Black Wax Pt.2)’ is another super fresh offering, this time with a slinky, futuristic and upbeat tech feel that has a spaced out vibe and killer bassline. The excellent ‘Between Boroughs’ then layers up punchy broken beat patterns with romantic sax lines and crisp hits into a timeless house track perfect for intimate clubs who like their music to have a real sense of heart. First to remix ‘Black Wax’ is Bas Ibellini, the Tuskegee and Crosstown Rebels artist and founder of the Peculiar party. His version is filled with subtle tension, leggy drums and deep looping bass that keeps on pulling you in as the pressure mounts. Last of all, Visionquest man, Detroit tastemaker and key underground figure Shaun Reeves reworks the same track into something superbly deep and horizontal, with echoing hits and distant, spooky pads bringing a heady, cosmic feel.

Louie Fresco – Black Wax EP (No.19 Music) Release: September 6th 2019 Cat No: No19093