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ANDROMEDA is the kind of pieces with which one could make friends in the universe. I would love to have friends in the universe.

Be Svendsen - Andromeda

An-2 – Wings (Fatal version)

This is for me the best vinyl on earth, 2 tracks, this side is for the good vibe, the spirit hope and happiness. I will be eternally grateful to the guy who this to my wife. Best birthday present.

An-2 ‎– Wings (Fatal Version) (12" THEOM006, A1) 2007

An-2 – Wings (Vital version)

The other side, The Vital side. That one is for after hours.

Wings (Vital Version)

Cajuan – Raven

You have to wait for the climax and then you can smile. I use this melody for the doorbell of my house. I am always happy when someone arrives.

Cajuan - Raven [Side A version]

Carnival – Not over Yet (Carl Fath remix)

I played this track to begin the new year 2016, it filled my guests with joy and happiness. Everyone kissed, we were ready to start the new year.

Carnival - Not Over Yet (Carl Fath remix)

Paul Kalkbrenner – F.Fwd

Is the bass a loop ??!! I’m trying to do live this kind of things and i love it. 

Paul Kalkbrenner - F.Fwd

Red Axes – 5 Min (feat CAR)

I listened to this during the Very Good Trip radio show last month, it reminds of the whole period of Italian trance, progressive house that I listened to for 20 years.

Red Axes - 5 Min (feat CAR)

Drum Club – Sound System (Underworld Mix)

I was 17, big rave, tripping, played by Sonic Armand or Pacman. the bass, do you listen to the bass when it happens ? 

Drum Club - 1993 - Sound System (Underworld Mix)

Bill Frisell – Pretty Stars

I didn’t know that I liked guitar and country music. Am I depressed ?

Bill Frisell - Pretty Stars

Agnus Dei / Adagio for Strings

When I listen to that I feel like I’m doing a NDE (Near Death Experience),I feel light and fly in the highest dimensions closer to you lord.

Agnus Dei (After "Adagio for Strings, Op. 11a")

Torb – Dost (bORDEL Records) bORDEL025

Using modular analogue synths this Parisian producer creates a rave tinged, throwback techno sound that is utterly arresting. He comes from the Motorbass Recording Studio, debuted in 2014 and mixes up raw kraut with soulful Detroit sounds that continue to impress across four cuts here. Opener ‘Herror’ is a melancholic ambient cut with painterly synth smears and an expansive atmosphere that sinks you deep into the artist’s world. The excellent ‘The Only’ is a trip into the stratosphere with hypnotic loops taking you ever higher and dark moods keeping the pressure on throughout this pure bit of serene techno. The edgy ‘Beta Tester’ keeps you in suspense with bristling drums and rising pads bringing real energy to the floor. It also comes with its own video by Sebastien Chenut and starring Twin Peaks’ Nicole La Liberté. Last of all, ‘Dost’ is a pensive track with spacious grooves and distant sci-fi pads soundtracking a widescreen journey through space.

Out now… Torb – Dost (bORDEL Records) bORDEL025