David Shaw & The Beat – Back To Mine

Late night grooving at the best after parties in town…

1. Aphex Twin / Ptolemy
me and my cousin Marcus, smoking a big one after a good club night
the whole album is just a masterpiece, it’s been a part of me ever since!

2. Jump / Funkatarium
this is the good stuff from the 90’s, the track chugs really nicely, it grows and grows, you can’t miss with this one!

3. Nitzer Ebb / Shame
how could there not be Nitzer Ebb? life would be a mistake without them!
When you smile, I can’t let it goooo!
Techno can be funky!

4. 52nd street / Cool as ice
good memories with my friends in England, used to put us in a good mood before going out! Classic!

5. Chrome feat Damon Edge / Loving lovely lover
I’ve always loved this band, the whole album is brilliant, and this is the last song on it.
Love all the way!

6. Losoul feat Malte / Lies
the definition of sexy and sweat! Pure and simple! Prince is not far away…

7. Soul Center / Let’s go
Thomas Brinkmann at his best, Ideal to start a set and do the funk!

8. The Prince of dance music / Show me
Elbee bad produced this amazing track, everytime I play it, I gnash my teeth to its infectious bassline!

9. Major Problems / Overdose
it’s raw, it’s dirty, and completely mental…and hasn’t aged one bit!

10. Vanity 6 / Make up
Prince turns everything into gold… not much to say


David Shaw and The Beat’s debut album “So It Goes” will be available to buy from the 29th October.