A burgeoning force on the international techno circuit. Italian-bred DJ and producer AMKA is quickly garnering a reputation among fans, peers and industry specialists alike as the spotlight artist to watch. Debuting his career in 2023 with a stunning livestream recorded at the breath-taking Monastero di Santa Maria Di Colonna in Puglia, Italy, AMKA subsequently delivered his inaugural single ‘Our Night’ to the community, receiving great acclaim for his anthemic strain of techno.

Kickstarting the new year in true fashion, AMKA now unveils the next offering in the stream’s impeccable track list of original, un-released music with his next opus ‘Vivid Memories’. DMCWORLD grabs a world exclusive…


Hey AMKA. Firstly, congratulations on the release of your sophomore single ‘Vivid Memories’. How has the track been received so far?

Thank you! The response to ‘Vivid Memories’ has been truly heart-warming. It’s been amazing to see listeners connect with the emotive journey embedded in the track. The support from fans and the music community has fuelled my excitement for sharing more in the future.

Can you tell us a little about the production process behind the single?

The production process for ‘Vivid Memories’ was an immersive exploration of emotions. It began with the creation of a melodic foundation that resonated with the nostalgic theme. Layer by layer, I sculpted the soundscape, intertwining intricate beats and harmonies to evoke a vivid sonic experience. It’s a track that holds personal significance, reflecting the emotions encapsulated in memories.

AMKA Live @ Monasterium, Italy [Melodic Techno DJ SET in 4K]

Do you have a particular format when producing music?

While my approach is fluid, I often start with melody as the core element. Whether it’s crafting intricate arpeggios or experimenting with atmospheric pads, melodies set the emotional tone. From there, I delve into rhythm, exploring how beats can complement and enhance the overarching feel of the track.

Where do you get the inspiration from for your melodies?

Inspiration for melodies often arises from life experiences and the emotions tied to them. Nature, personal reflections, and the diverse cultural influences around me contribute to the sonic palette. It’s about translating the essence of moments into melodies that resonate on a profound level.

Last year you recorded a live stream from Italy. How was that?

Recording the live stream from Italy was a special experience. It allowed me to connect with my audience in a unique way.

The Italian backdrop, rich in cultural history, added an extra layer to the performance, creating a virtual space where music and emotion transcended physical boundaries.

What’s the biggest difference between performing in front of a crowd and filming a livestream?

The biggest difference lies in the immediacy of energy exchange. Performing in front of a live crowd involves a direct, tangible connection—the ebb and flow of energy

between artist and audience. Filming a livestream offers a different dynamic, relying on the virtual connection and the anticipation of how it will resonate with viewers globally.

Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve this year?

This year, I aspire to continue the musical journey, playing in new countries and connecting with a broader audience. Collaborations with fellow artists, pushing creative boundaries, and evolving as a producer are key goals. Ultimately, I aim to share more music with listeners.

Is there any new music on the horizon that we should know about?

Absolutely! I have a new exciting track in the pipeline. ‘Timeless Dream,’ is set to release on February 16th.

What would be your dream venue to perform at?

Performing at Hï Ibiza would be an absolute dream. The energy, The soundsystem, and the sheer magic of the venue make it an ideal setting for a truly unforgettable musical experience.

Thanks for the chat AMKA! Let us know where we can follow you.

Thank you! For the latest updates and more music, you can follow me on Instagram,TIKTOK,Facebook and find my tracks on Spotify. I’m always thrilled to connect with the audience and share the ongoing journey in music.


AMKA – Vivid Memoriesis out now across all streaming platforms

Artist: AMKA

Title: Vivid Memories

Label: AMKA

Cat No: AMKA002

Format: Digital