Born in the mid 80’s, Clain grew up in Paris. A keen musician since childhood, he studied sound and image processing and worked as an engineer and is now a multifaceted artist who produces a wide range of electronic music. Releasing on labels like KIDS Records, Mirror and Natura Viva, Clain’s output ranges from progressive and melodic house and techno to his own blend of fusion house, which incorporates influences from various different cultures and influences he has absorbed on his global travels.

Clain’s next single is a collab with Brozzo, Burning Earth, which will land on Natura Viva early 2022.

Hi Clain, a huge welcome to DMCWORLD! Growing up in France in the 80s and 90s, who were some of the artists you first remember being drawn to?

As a kid I would say Michael Jackson but regarding electronic music this would be Alexander Kowalski, Vitalic, Carl cox, Dave Clarke and Joris Voorn.

The French touch sound had its heyday in the 90s, and went on to be massively influential worldwide. Were you a fan?

I won’t say that I don’t like Daft Punk but I have never been a big fan to be honest. Bob Sinclar is the one I prefer, he has a good vibe.

When did you start making music?

I started by playing the drums when I was 11 years old. At the age of 16/17 I stopped it because I didn’t have a group to play with and my friends weren’t playing any instrument. So I bought my first vinyl turntables to start being a DJ. Quickly I bought my first gear and software to start producing. It was an Electribe EMX1 and Cubase SX. You can’t become a famous Electronic music DJ without producing your own music and it was already the case back then.

You now produce a range of different styles, all released under the same name. Why did you decide to broaden what you made, rather than focus on one particular genre?

When I started Djing I liked playing different styles of music, House To Techno, but nowadays an electronic DJ has to play the same style. It is unfortunate that you can’t really do it, only known DJs can and there is not a lot who are doing it. I adapted myself to that by creating 2 different identities with 2 different styles. I find it weird to call myself by 2 different alias and it can show my capabilities I guess. The industry is already hard enough.

Most of the time we inform people of what I will play but sometimes it could be a surprise. Playing these 2 styles at one party starting by what I call ‘Fusion House’ a mix with traditional music mixtures with electronic music and finishing with melodic & progressive Techno is something that I would really appreciate. I love surprising people with my music.

How does technology affect the way you produce? Do you always try to keep up with the latest developments, or do you favour more vintage kit?

It doesn’t affect me that much. I have found a good configuration which is always evolving but my current configuration is the best for me. It is hard and take time to find something that really correspond you. Ableton with plug-ins are my main tools to produce but I always add analog and digital synthesizers and sequencer as well to produce my music as I would play it in live.

How do you spark creativity when creating your music?

That is good question. It depends of my mood of the day. I now know when I have to create a new music and when I need to edit and mix a track I already produced. This is more efficient and productive.

You’re also a video director, do you make films for your music as well?

Yes, actually I started promoting my music by producing my own videos with the help of friends especially Anti who is always helping me with this and I will never thank him enough for that.

Tell us about some of the new music you have coming up…

I have 2 releases coming, one Melodic & Progressive Techno track Burning Earth that I produced with my brother and will land on Natura Viva, and a Fusion House free download: Robert Oh – Samba (Clain Fusion Mix). I should have released this one a long time ago. One of my best friends has always wanted me to release it so now is the time. Regarding the track with my brother I love the melody. We are really efficient when we produce an entire track together and I am glad that this one is being released.

For you, what makes dance music special?

For electronic music I would say it’s the limitless possibilities of sound.

What other projects are you working on that we should be looking out for?

I am working on a new project with a Belgium Hangdrum (or Handpan) player. We are preparing a new live. I guess this project will be well received, at least we really believe in it :).

Finally, what’s the best record you heard in 2021 and why?

Tim Light – Legion, I just love the production.