Swiss producer Freedo is the highly regarded producer in the commercial dance world, known for producing hits like ‘Lush Life’ by Zara Larsson, ‘Takeaway’ by The Chainsmokers. His latest work is the modern take on Ne-Yo’s chart-topping R&B classic ‘So Sick’, the artist and DJ has also achieved collaborations for acts such as Coldabank, Oliver Heldens and DJ Katch. We decided it’s a good time to catch up with the rising artist and see how the new single came together, his inspirations, growing up in Switzerland and what’s next…

Freedo & DJ Katch - So Sick (Official Lyric Video)

Welcome to DMC World, Freedo, how are you?

Thanks so much for having me again! I’m feeling great, thank you.

Tell us about ‘So Sick’, how did the idea come together to rework the Ne-Yo classic track with DJ Katch?

DJ Katch and me worked on a bunch of track ideas last year. Remixing and reworking stuff is something I really enjoy and it’s always fun. Katch has so much experience as a club DJ and such a huge “DJ library” in his brain. He comes up with amazing sample and cover ideas. One day he sent me the piano and vocal idea for So Sick which he recorded with his friend Chris. It sounded really exciting and I thought it was a great way to pay homage to one of my all time favourite songs. I always loved the original from 2005 and the story around Ne-Yo and Stargate and how they made this song. It was such a great era of music I think. Superproducers like Stargate (the producers of the original), Timbaland, The Neptunes, Scott Storch inspired me massively and made me want to make beats and become a record producer.

How did you come to meet DJ Katch, and start writing music with him?

I heard first about Katch through a friend how gave me one of his “Delorean” mix CD’s which was super dope. That was around 2008 I think. I gave the CD to the owner of my resident club and told him to book Katch. A bit later on we got properly introduced through our mutual friend, German producer Shuko. The three of us started to work on some tracks together. One of the results was “The Horns” which became a global club tune. It made it into Diplo’s year end mix and the vocal version even went top 20 in Italy. From then on we collaborated regularly on new tracks.

As a DJ and producer, what inspires you?

I get really inspired by sounds of any kind. That could be something as random as the sound of my neighbours woodchipper that I hear right now in the garden. I can hear rhythms and notes in it and what kind of beat I could make with it. So I record a lot of random sounds. And I love weird instruments. I have a big collection of random instruments that my siblings, my parents or friends found for me in thrift shops or while travelling. Technology is also a huge inspiration. I love new synths and plugins. Beside that, the biggest inspiration is working with likeminded people and bouncing ideas off each other or exchanging ideas and tricks.

I was always fascinated by big crowds at shows and how everyone is connected through the music, moving to the same beat or singing the same tune. That’s definitely a big inspiration for me as a DJ, and producer as well.

Any collaborations you could share with us in the works?

I’m working on my next couple singles which is really exciting but I can’t share anything just yet.

What most important lessons have you learned since starting in music?

One important lesson I learned is not to have any expectations. I have to create because I love to create, not to reach a certain goal or something. It will follow anyways if it’s meant to be.

Being from Switzerland, are there any local artists that have particularly inspired you?

My friend Bandit was a huge inspiration for me because of his passion for music. He had a record store with the newest rap vinyls and mixtapes and got me hooked on the hiphop culture. He also let me produce 3 tracks on his solo Album in 2008 which basically started my producer career.

What are you looking forward to coming out of lockdown, with the world opening up again?

I’m really looking forward to the summer here in London. I love this city especially in the summer and now with everything opening up you can literally feel the energy and excitement.

Lastly, what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend…

Check out DJ Katch’s new single “Whine and Go Down” with Beenie Man and Walshy Fire that we produced together! Also..

DMX – Bath Salts with JAY-Z, Was, and Swizz Beatz production!

Justin Bieber’s Peachees Remix with Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Usher

Fred Again’s Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing), still on repeat

Also Jax Jones’ new tune “Feels”, such a great vibe!