Keli Holiday

We catch up with the enigmatic side project of Adam Hyde, aka Keli Holiday. Who is also Australia’s chart-topping, award-winning, 10 times platinum-selling eclectic electronic duo Peking Duk. Keli Holiday smashed out 12 tracks in 4 weeks when putting together music for his brand first solo new album, and that’s no easy feat. Across the album he teamed up Kim Moyes from the iconic duo The Presets. We took some time out of his busy schedule to chat to him about his new album, touring life, and what inspires his day-to-day


Tell us about your new album KELI’, is it exciting to get this body of work out? Tell us about how it came together?

“KELI” Is a sonic baby born from heartbreak, cheap thrills and cigarettes on windowsills. It’s deep exploration in to how I was feeling after a terrible break up and trying to find what I am and who I think I should be vs what I think I should be feeling as a man. It explores the character of a heartbroken man that is too fragile to let his feelings show therefore he puts on his most flamboyant get up and dances as if nothing is or ever has been wrong. It feels amazing to have it out there in the world.

You worked with The Presets’ Kim Moyes across the album, how was this collaboration?

Kim is a legend in every sense of the word. A crafty genius with a twisted sense of humour and hard work ethic to match. It was an honour to be able to work with him and to be able to sit in a different seat to my normal production one felt liberating and I trusted him every step of the way. I’m not precious and he’s not afraid to tell it like it is. I respect that.

Keli Holiday - human nature (Official Video) ft. Nicky Della Noche


What drove you to start taking up releasing music under Keli Holiday?

My man Golden Features was really the catalyst to me thinking I should perhaps get this music out there. At first it was a little secret to myself that I just had to get out of me as a form catharsis. After he said this is more me than anything I took that on board seriously and realised he’s right and it was only right to purse this further.

You are one half of recognised duo Peking Duk, would you say your approach to writing music under your side project is very different?

Completely different for sure. With Keli Holiday I’ll start with a guitar and some drums then build around that whether it be from lyrics i’ve written down on a walk or screaming a melody then filling in the gaps. It feels like i’m really letting it flow out a lot more with Keli.

As an artist, what inspires you?

Everything. Lately it feels like it’s mainly the most simple interactions with strangers. I love meeting different people and hearing their stories. Everyone has a story and to take a dive in to that world even for 2 minutes is intriguing and inspiring to me.

What most important lessons have you learned since starting in music?

Do what YOU want to do and have fun doing it. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Work hard and if you’re gonna put on a show – put on a show.

Are there any artists that you’re particularly inspired by at the moment?

 Pusha T’s new record is on heavy rotation at the moment as is Alex Cameron’s new one. My boy Coyle Girellis new record “Funland” is really something special too. I was so happy to have worked with him on “song goes on” on KELI.

What is a great tour memory you could share to us? 

Seeing two girls crying to “song goes on” when I played it live in LA felt quite surreal as the song has only been alive for awhile and to see that kind of reaction makes it all feel so real that these songs take on a whole new life after they’re born.

Lastly, what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend…

Human nature – Keli Holiday

Kisloty People – Schacke

Alberto Balsalm – Aphex Twin

Dreaming of the past – Pusha T

Cocaine Killa – Daniel Johns Ft Peking Duk