Back To Mine with Hammer

London-based, Belfast-born Hammer has been lighting up dance floors with his powerful yet richly layered cuts for the last few years. He can do everything from trance to techno to disco, as was often highlighted on the legendary Feel My Bicep blog he co-ran with friends Bicep. Now running three labels – one for his own edits, plus Remmah, which launches new talents and Italo Hiits, which is all about high-energy sounds, he has also landed on an array of other top labels; Optimo Music, Sulta Selects and Unknown To The Unknown have all played home to his music. Out of the studio, he has done live streams at the Saatchi Gallery with Feel My Bicep, shows for Boiler Room and has played all over Europe, from fabric to Glastonbury. As his new ‘Transit 2.2’ EP drops on Clash Lion, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Hammer

Bullion – We Had A Good Time

This one from Bullion pushed all my buttons and its probably my most listened to record in terms of home listening.

Bullion - We Had A Good Time

Oliver Sim – Romance With A Memory

Low slung, grooving and super indulgent, absolutely love this track. If you haven’t heard it, go check out the Midland remix of this, its a thing of beauty too.

Oliver Sim - Romance With A Memory (Official Audio)

Low Motion Disco – Things Are Gonna Get Easier

Slo Mo Disco at its finest, the whole ‘Keep it Slow’ album is great listening.

Sublime Sound – 5am

One from my Remmah label, but I listen to this all the time and naturally I love it! Beatless and filled with emotion and subtle elements of funk layered deep, like much of Anhad’s music.

Sublime Sound - 5AM [Remmah]

C.A.R. – Daughters (Manfredas Remix)

A huge favourite of mine, which I listen to a lot at home but drop it a lot in sets too, suits every occasion!

C.A.R. - Daughters (Manfredas Remix)

Robert Rental – Big Day

Originally recorded onto cassette as demos in 1980, and re-released on Optimo music, there’s a beautiful balearic vibe to this, with all rawness included.

Robert Rental - Big Day

DJ Clea – Fantasy (Bell Towers Remix)

On the tropical house vibe, this track is perfect for littering about the house, or better still having the sun rise into your living room window and you’ve got a few of your best mates around you talking nonsense.

DJ Clea - Fantasy (Bell Towers Remix)

Stephane Sévérac – Hold On (Extended Version)

Andy at Pikes in Ibiza put me onto this, and it really sums up the balearic sentiments being pushed there. It makes you want to cry, laugh, chill and move all at the same time. “It’s the end of the party but I don’t wanna go now” – sums up a back to mine very nicely I think.


Future Islands – Seasons

Guilty pleasure. Lush Synths and a mega hook, all you need to cheese about the house feeling melancholic.

Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You) (Official Video)

Fern Kinney – Groove Me

An oldie to finish things of, disco grooves at their finest, and 9 minutes of it too,

Fern Kinney - Groove Me


Hammer – Transit 2.2 is out now on Clash Lion