Southern Fried Records @ Matter, London Friday October 17th.
A biggie. Armand Van Helden, A-Trak, Ashley Beedle, Cagedbaby, Pnau, Nathan Detroit, The Black Ghosts, Riva Star and two other acts I’ve never heard of. 10-6am, £17.50 which in my eyes is pricey but after you check out the other Friday suggestions, you’ll think it a bargain.

The Wine Dating Party – Bristol October 17th, Friday London October 17th, Glasgow October 24th and many more after that – hic.
Oh f*ck me up the arse with a shovel. My perfect night out. Tasting six different wines, meeting birds and free entry into a club after. I have found heaven…

My house this Friday October 17th, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.
It always rocks when the swingers come round from the pub…that Anne is such a dirty cow. (Have you figured out yet that there is not a lot on this Friday?)

Mode @ Tall Trees, Yarm Saturday October 18th.
Whilst I was under the sheets with my ex-girlfriend last year she thought it the right time to tell me she’d had a threesome with two dudes in the Tall Trees hotel a few years back. Well say hello to Mr Floppy I said as I put my jeans on and headed off to the pub. Saturday here though sees The trophy Twins and Micky Slim in command. Rather than two beefcakes bending some blond girl over a hotel trouser press.

Essencia @ The The Motion Skate Park, Bristol October 18th.
Right, two things are colliding here. The master Grooverider back in Bristol. But at a Skate Park? Hmmm. Goldie, The Original Digital Soundboy, Shy FX and loads of other silly sounding DJs stepping up…

The ‘We, Like You’ presents The Fun Loving Criminals @ 93 Feet East, London Saturday October 18th.
Huey, Frank and Fast blend their selection of rock, hip hop, funk and blues rhythms straight out of New York City coming down to give a london an exclusive Dj and MC set. They are supported by Cantaloop with a hip-hop/funk attack of Dannie Dee, 100c on guitar, Paulo De’ Wooton on bass, and Beef on drums. Well it beats sitting in with your mum.

Bulleit Bourbon Originals event @ The Arches, Glasgow on November 7th
Jazzie B will be performing a Soul II Soul Soundsystem set at the The live event, which also features Ben Westbeech and Pioneering soul legend Martha High, they will track the inspirational journey of Soul and Funk and demonstrate how much of the music we listen to today is inspired by original pioneering musical genres.